I Cheated on my Husband

with THOR!

Last night I had a recurring dream... it played out like an eight episode tv series throughout the night. I'd wake up, and go back to sleep only to launch into the next episode of the same dream.

I was cheating on my husband David... and it was with Thor aka Chris Hemsworth.

The thing is, although we were obviously cheating like proper carnal cheating, there were no sex bits in my dream. Well either there were none or I just don't remember them.
I don't understand why it was Thor in my dream... I'm more of an Iron Man sort of girl (ooh Robert Downey Jr). In fact, I didn't watch the whole of that new Thor movie (dark world??) because the fighty bits were too loud and boring. But I did sort of make a mental note while watching the movie- "Mmm, he has a real smooth and firm chest."  LOL, you see I've always preferred a hairy manly chest and never a smooth one.

Before going to sleep last night, I rubbed Vicks on my husband's hary chest... Don't know why I'm mentioning this but I suppose everything has a part to play in my dream. I've also had David coughing in my face in bed the past few nights (not nice!), and I've been jumping out of bed to get him water, cough mixture, tissues repeatedly.

Anyway, in the final episode of my affair, I was just under the sheets with Thor, and we had just woken up. He was smiling at me, so kind and sweet. Then he dug his head into the pillow, in pain. And I'm like.. oh no what's wrong????  And he says he has a headache and needs Panadol (lol). So I jump out of bed (I'm in my PJs.. so not sexual) and I run towards the bedroom door.
And he calls out to me, "Holly. Don't rush, be careful. Take your time." *Insert Thor's smouldering good looks and accent*

And I go to the fridge to get the Panadol. Our fridge is exactly the same as our real life fridge, the medicine shelf of the fridge is also exact... but our house in this dream is massive... like it takes a long time to get to the kitchen from the bedroom. And in the kitchen, I find my husband David mopping the floor. (Coincidentally, this is one of the only house work that he does quite often for me on the weekends). I get the Panadol, then as I'm returning to the bedroom, I realise he's following behind me.

So I speak loudly " David, is this Panadol Extra?" (Even though I know that it's just regular Panadol I have in my hand). I was just trying to alert Thor that my husband was with me.

Then I get to the bedroom and Thor is gone. He probably jumped out of the window or went through a portal.

Surely this must mean something?????
Such a weird dream, and I feel bad for having this extra marital affair (I'm also amused by it).


  1. Anonymous9:39 am

    It means your husband don't satisfy you.

  2. Anonymous1:03 pm

    it doesn't mean anything.

    i dreamt i cheated on my fiance with a girl and then with a guy (both faceless) and when i wake up im like whatttt?

  3. recently watch too much Thor XD


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