My Strange Bed Fellows

We have a King sized bed in our bedroom but it seems that every night, the 3 of us (My husband, my dog Lola and myself) all sleep on the same side of the bed. My side!
Such grip. He should have been a wrestler.
I prefer sleeping on my back because it feels the most relaxing for me. But when all 3 of us are on one side of the bed, I can't. I sleep on my side because there's not enough space to lie flat even.

And both of them sleep on my pillow. We have 4 pillows but through the night, they get tossed around and I find both David and Lola on my pillow. And Lola licks the pillow as she sleeps. Now everybody say - awwwwww. It's cute... except that I can't sleep well on 1/3 of a wet pillow! I get the bit of the pillow which tapers off, so my head keeps rolling off the pillow. I'm no rocket scientist but I believe that my pillow (like all pillows) was engineered for one head smack in the middle of it.

On top of that, my husband likes to put his arm around me while he's sleeping. There are two positions he uses... one is with his arm below my neck, the other position is with his arm across my chest. I would describe my husband's hands and arms as big and brutish. Now don't get me wrong, brutish is attractive to me. It's manly. I would never be attracted to a man with the dainty hands of a concert pianist. (Yup, I have not evolved.)

Anyway... when his arm is below me, my neck aches because I have to lie in an awkward arch to accommodate his arm under me. And when it is over me, it's right across my boobs usually... and you know how you get pins and needles in you legs when you sit on it for too long?? I get that same achy cramps in my boobs in the middle of the night when his arm is dead weight across them for hours. I've never had boob cramps before in my life!

And then... there is the hair yanking. Oh my god, the hair yanking. My hair gets wrapped around his arm and when he turns (or I turn)... ouch!! Once I got mad at him because my hair was wrapped around his left arm (bare arm, so he must have been able to feel it around his arm??!)... and then he pushed/rolled my sleeping body with his right arm (because he wanted to spoon me while I was sleeping). Oh boy did that wake me up! A bunch of my hair actually ripped from the bottom of my scalp.. it was so fast and hard... I heard it rip off.. sounded like clothes tearing. This was like 6 months ago, because I remember it was my first time at Shunji Matsuo salon that week, and the stylist actually saw the patch underneath and asked me worriedly if I was balding! Now 6 months later I think it's fine, cos he didn't say anything about it last month when I was there... so it must look normal now.

Anyway, it hasn't happened again. Also because every time I feel his arm move, or I feel him rolling my body.. I will suddenly be wide awake and alert, and I will grab his arm and lift it before moving.. so my hair isn't trapped underneath.

Luckily I'm the sort who can just fall back to sleep easily. And at least my husband (and Lola) does not snore at all. If my husband were to write a blog post about sleeping in the same bed as me.. I think he would complain that I'm a selfish sleeper lol... always wanting my own space and that I don't cuddle enough. Hahaa.

Despite the rant I just did on my strange bed fellows... I would not trade them for anything.

What is it like sleeping with your spouse? (and/or dog?)  :)


  1. Anonymous2:25 am

    Boob cramps... I almost die laughing. Funny post and totally feel you. I am a selfish sleeper too, the initial spooning okay, after getting into real slumber, I'll "snake" off to my own corner....

  2. Jessica10:22 am

    This may sounds terribly unromantic to you, but my husband and I sleep head to toe with pillows separating us. I've tried hugging to sleep but it is a guarantee of a sleepless night for me. Even his breath against my neck keeps me up. I also steal his blanket (or so he says) and squeeze him to one side of the bed till he falls off.

  3. Pearlin11:43 pm

    Im a side sleeper. My bf would rub his hand on my arm or back subconsciously while sleeping.. he is not aware and said because he missed me even while he is asleep.. lol

  4. Jayla1:40 am

    You're lucky Holly. I love it when my boyfriend hugs me to sleep but sadly, he doesn't do it often. We usually sleep with a space in between us. The space is small, but still, I like cuddling. I asked him why and he said that whenever he hugs me to sleep, he perspires. Well I have to admit that my surface body temperature is strangely high when I'm in bed, I'm not sure why. Suited for cold countries I suppose but unfortunately that's not going to happen in Singapore so there goes my cuddling :(

  5. Jayla1:47 am

    What am I saying. Sorry I meant skin temperature, not surface body temperature.

  6. Lol thanks for sharing :)


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