Psycho Girls Out There

I got a few emails regarding my post a few days ago - Sex Abuse By Priests?

Most agreed with me, but there were a few which believe that the media misrepresented this girl. And that she's a psychotherapist, so she can't be nuts (as I claim she is).

It just reminded me of something about my past... - psycho girls are out there everywhere. She doesn't have to be a toothless meth junkie ... in fact they do come from even the most respectable of positions/places.

Remember my old BF Mark from years ago? Well, we dated about a year plus and then split up. During this time, we did maintain contact.. in fact we were still in close contact on the phone everyday. I told him about my dates, he told me about his. Yes, many readers warned me that it was not healthy or normal. But we were just so used to being a part of each other's lives.

After about 3 months of being split up. We met up in the flesh for lunch... and decided to get back together again for one more shot.

Well... the guy I was dating for a month at that point (extremely handsome Austrian dude), when I told him about this, he bowed out gracefully, and wished me all the best (By the way, this guy is married now. Happy for him). But the girl Mark had just one date with, prior to us getting back together... she was psycho.

The thing is, she was a lawyer in a big law firm here. you wouldn't expect someone in that position to act like a child when it comes to life and relationships.

Obviously she knew who I was, and that I was a blogger. So she easily attained my contact online. Within a few days of getting back with Mark... she sends me a message.

I can't remember exactly what it was. But it was along the lines of- I had a great time last week with your boyfriend Mark. We had dinner and then he took me back to his place at (INSERT NAME OF HIGH END RESIDENCE HERE). We had a great night in bed but I prefer men uncircumcised, so you can have him.

When I showed it to Mark, he was surprised. It was the lawyer he had a date with. Yes, and the slut slept with him on the first date. He had told me about it before ( while we were split up)... I remember him telling me that when they were back at his place, before 'sex' she excused herself to the bathroom. And then did one of the most off putting things (for she took a loud whizzing piss.

Lol.. Mark is extra sensitive to noises like.. the aircon must be silent in hotels otherwise he cannot sleep... and yeah, she put him off lol.

I could have been unkind and replied to her saying her noisy piss put him off and that's why he's not dating her.

But I wanted to be more unkind. You see, I know the intent of her message to me- to say hey I shagged then man you just got back with.. see i even know personal stuff like where he lives and that he's circumcised. And I want you to feel that the only reason he's back with you is because I don't want him. And she wanted me to get mad at him.

Why should I let this kind of psycho bitch of a person off lightly? Right?

So despite Mark telling me not to reply, and that he would write to her superiors to keep her in check as this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated. I replied to her anyway...

I told her - That oh, yes indeed Mark did mention her last time and he tells me everything, so it's not like she is surprising me with any news (this was 100% true). Then I went on to say that I hope she's ok, Mark and I get bored every now and then and we try to spice up our relationship by taking a few weeks off the relationship... to see how many people we can shag and drop (this is a lie. haha). And that it's a shame she didn't put up a bit more of a challenge for him.

Ok maybe I'm psycho too, you say? Perhaps. Hahaaa... but I only do such things to people to give them a taste of their own medicine. 


  1. Anonymous5:50 pm

    HAHAHA, oh my goodness Holly. Okay well, spitefulness aside, things like that are actually pretty funny in retrospect. They make for great memories at how irrational we all get when it comes to love and relationships. And maybe, it's not necessarily a bad thing. :)

  2. Anonymous11:03 am

    We've all done crazy thing/s at some point or another, at least now you're older and wiser! I mean, I'm assuming it was a learning experience for you, right? It scares me though, that there are such women prowling around! Then again I guess I shouldn't be surprised.. The key is not to let yourself be ruled by your emotions, especially in the heat of the moment. Otherwise next time you could end up looking like a fool (I have, gulp).

    1. Lol. If she did tht to me again... I wld respond the same way

  3. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Holly your reply was EPIC! Did she reply to that??

  4. Anonymous1:28 pm



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