Quirks of Married Life

Just went to the freezer to get some ice for my drink and the ICE TRAY WAS EMPTY!
Our freezer
I always refill the ice tray whenever I empty it. But very often my husband doesn't! And instead of leaving it perhaps in the kitchen sink so I can refill it for him.... he just puts it back in the freezer .. empty.

Ah... such is the life of co-existence eh?

There are things about me that bug my husband as well. I take a freaking long time to do the dishes. He always claims he can do the dishes in one quarter of the time I take. And he's right. But he doesn't dry the dishes, doesn't put them away in the cupboards and he leaves pots and pans to 'soak' in the sink.... This he considers job done.

And when he cooks... he uses like three zillion bits of plates and pans and spoons and ladles .. all of which end up piled in the sink. I am more of a wash as I go type of cook. I use one thing.. I have to wash it before doing anything else. Which is probably why I get quite frantic in the kitchen.
How Many tootbrushes does David need?! I have one pink one,  the rest all his.
But you know what? All these are just little quirks and differences I've noticed about us. It hasn't amounted to any argument or displeasure. I just shout (not angrily).. "baby you left the ice tray empty!"... then he shouts back, "that's your job woman". Then we both laugh, sit on the couch and cuddle as we watch TV (that's after I refill the ice tray though. haha)

He also has this habit of opening taxi doors and then jumping in first, leaving me to enter after him and I have to shut the door behind me. I have mentioned it many times to him... but he often has lapses and gets back to this ungentlemanly habit. -_-
He probably wonders- How many shampoos does Holly need?!
However, since I've been with David... I've never had to carry a supermarket bag home whenever he is around. If we do the grocery shopping together, he will carry ALL the bags.. even the light ones. I always offer to take some of the load of him but he declines. And although I feel bad sometimes cos walking home with a week's shopping can be tough. I am appreciative that he is so sweet and chivalrous that way.

He also tucks me (and Lola) into my cozy corner in bed at 6.30am every weekday morning before he leaves for work.

And every weekend if I am working on shoot, he will mop the house and do the laundry. But since we got married, he has never had to touch the iron (because I like to do the ironing). This I do very fast and well *big proud smile*.

I think married life is pretty awesome. Been married 4+ months so far. OMG, has it only been that little??


  1. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Hahaha the little quirkiness of it all makes your marriage lovely in its own way doesn't it?

    That was quite a nice short and sweet read, made me smile at my laptop hahaha!

    I wish you well, holly! :)

  2. Really does sound like you've found "The One"! Even though you probably already knew so before getting married hahaha.

  3. Anonymous11:33 am

    we - your readers are very happy for you HJ!


  4. Anonymous10:06 pm

    happy for you....:):)


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