Being Parents- Test Run lol

Last Sunday, we had David's brother's kids for the day. Yup... marriage automatically gave me a niece and nephew :)
David's brother's family moved from Singapore to the States last year... and they's back to visit this month. We had the kids for the afternoon so their parents could have some couple time lunching and shopping.
Thank goodness it wasn't a bad hazy day.... so we took them to the pool.... 
Then we went to the Mint Toy Museum at Seah Street ($36 for family package, 2 kids 2 adults). David and I noticed this museum during our staycation at the Raffles Hotel ( It's right across from the hotel) and we thought it might be a nice treat for the kids.
My verdict... Very BORING museum lah. It was not even the least bit interactive. It was like 4 floors of cabinets with toys glassed in. Hardly any were from my childhood era (mine was the fabulous era of Mask, Smurfs, He-Man, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids, Ninja Turtles and even Polly Pocket.... oh my Polly Pocket was awesome). They were mostly from David's time and earlier... so he does remember some of those toys, it was quite interesting for him. As for the kids, I didn't feel they were that engaged. I think they would have preferred going through the aisles at Toys'R'us.
Afterwards, the kids had some dessert, and then we headed back home.

So how was it? Well, the kids are 6 and 9.... so they were pretty easy on us, very well behaved angels (not wailing toddlers). It was tiring though.. like you have to keep kids entertained the whole time and when we're out I've always got my eyes on them. Very exhausting to be on high alert. Kudos to the mothers and fathers out there who do this job 24-7.

I suppose if they're your own babies/kids... you get into a certain rhythm and get used to having them around (obviously) so it's less draining than never having kids before and suddenly having them for the day.

Hopefully we'll be parents for real one day.... *alarmed*. How has parenthood been like for you? Please share :)


  1. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Not a parent. But my father said (read: likes to boast) that he didn't get proper sleep for 3 years. (My brother and I are 1.5 years apart) But he's pretty happy with the 'fruits of his labour', or so he says.

  2. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Not a parent. But has a little brother. We are 15 years apart. As my parents have to work, I am tasked to take care of him during my school holidays. Which means I can't go out as and when I want to. But for the sake of my parents (I love my parents), I'll do it. NOT FUN AT ALL. Don't wish to have a kid of my own next time.

  3. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Forget to add that when I am schooling, he will go to after school care. So to save some money, I take care of him during my holidays.

  4. Anonymous8:53 pm

    I'm a mommy of 2 boys age 4 and nearly 2. It's tough work raising them lil rugrats. But there had been super good times. At least, having them add colour and variety in our lives :)

  5. Anonymous12:56 am

    Extremely tiring to be a parent. I never used to be scared of anything, now I am so vulnerable because of my baby. I worry when he is sick, does not eat, when it is hazy, a lot la.

  6. Anonymous3:00 pm

    not a parent.. but love your post!

  7. Anonymous10:09 pm

    The first few years are horrendous years of worry, sleep deprivation and exhaustion but after that it is quite nice. My kid is 9 now btw

  8. Anonymous2:29 pm

    24/7 job all round. Tiring but fulfilling. First few years are grueling....

  9. Anonymous1:42 pm

    it is annoying to have kids when people r comparing your kids to others (saying how other kids r so smarter than yours), keep on giving unwanted advices...

    and dont really have freedom, u r like giving most of your time for your kids...


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