What's Beautiful to You?

We're a couple weeks in to our CooperVision #iseeBeauty contest.
I've seen so many beautiful submissions so far. Most are gorgeous pics of the sky and nature. Look around, what other things are beautiful? Snap away and submit!
Simply INSTAGRAM your beautiful pictures ... but remember to hashtag it #iseeBeauty and tag @coopervision too, so your pic will be put into the contest!

If you don't have Instagram, you can submit your pics via the CooperVision Facebook app instead.

The winning image will win three months worth of CooperVision contact lenses and prizes worth up to $1K. You can actually choose what you want the $1000 prize to be... a new camera or gadget, perhaps even a shopping spree of clothes. There are fabulous second and third place prizes too!

Head to the CooperVision Facebook page and their website to find out more :)