Guest Room Completed :) Want to come and Stay?

Just finished our Guestroom. When we first bought our apartment, we had the bed custom made with storage space underneath and made use of the ledge space as well so that we could fit a high queen size bed in this little guestroom. But little else was done to this guestroom... until recently.
David's friend Colin sent us a picture of Aberdeen harbour as a wedding present.
So I had that framed up (Red Frame and Acrylic instead of glass) and put on the wall (with 3M stick on wall hooks) in the guestroom... it's a small and nice reminder of David's home back in Scotland. :)
I also bought one of these animals that seem to be popular now... Lol.. don't know what they are called, but I do like the look of them. This one I named Moozie. 
Maybe Moozie on the bed nicer :)

So finally I've added the finishing touches to the guestroom... let me know what you think! Next project, I want to get better curtains/blinds because the ones I bought from Ikea previously are not tht nice in the bedrooms as they don't shut out light well. The Ikea blinds in my bathroom are great, loving that.


  1. Hahah that animal thing is so adorable. Love the brightly coloured bedsheets!


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