Koh Samui Honeymoon

We got home last Sunday night, from our honeymoon in Koh Samui. We were away 10 days, and oh boy did we need the time out after preparing for the wedding.

Here are some pics off my camera and instagram... and brief info in case you're planning a trip there.
 We stayed at The Sarann in Chaweng Noi. Quiet hotel, great for couples, but don't think it's a family hotel as there's nothing there to entertain kids.
It's right on the beach front, but you can't use those stairs at high tide (unless you want to swim to the beach lol). If not via the hotel steps, then it's a 10-15 minute walk on the main road to get down to the beach area.
Honeymoon set up in our suite... Lol... what's with hotels and their swan towels?! I rather they threw like bak kwa on the bed instead :)
Loved the spacious bathroom. Number of times we used the tub- 1, and that was to wash sand off our clothes.
The suite has a jacuzzi but we used it.... *drumroll* once! So I would say, if you're going to book a room, just book the cheaper one, instead of the suite... unless you love sitting in a jacuzzi for hours on end. There were sunbeds as well on our deck, but hardly any sun came in to our deck.  -_- 
The pool, is not large, but gorgeous.
 Felt like I was swimming out to the ocean.
(Bikini from ClubCouture... push up one. lol)
The hotel has a good breakfast spread. But still.... 10 days there... food gets repetitive. Looove Mangosteens for breakfast!
Spicy Pork cupnoodles! So cheap.. 20 bahts... that's like what?? 80 cents. I brought back some to Singapore.
But dining choices are limitless on Koh Samui. Where we were, there were many restaurants on the cliffsides or beach front.
All of them were good and cheap (ish)... except for Dr Frogs... that one I found overpriced and not worth it.
But do venture out into the main bit of Chaweng for food and shopping too (I bough underwear, a bag and goggles for myself. Wallet, bracelet, watch, tshirts for presents). Hardly any shopping available at Chaweng Noi where we stayed.... unless you want like... sunblock from the family mart sorta thing. 
This is our favourite spot on the beach, at Bu Co bar, next to our hotel. Cocktails like Margaritas for 160 Bahts. Woot!
At Bophut, which is like a fisherman village sort of area, you will find more expensive restaurants. Generally prices for most food there was dearer I found. Like Singapore restaurant prices. 300 Baht for my green curry... which in other areas, would be 100 or 150 baht max. Tastes just as good.
After a week in the sun, I thought I would not get any darker, so I wore my 3/4 length gym pants out for a long walk.. came back to a reverse football socks tan line. lol
YUUUMMMM  seaweed lays. That's my husband in the background under the basting sun. Crazeh! (Incidentally, also one of the only spots in the hotel with sun . It's outside the hotel restaurant area.... which is fine for me.. but if you gila sun bathing... then this hotel will disappoint).
food food food....
The room service/hotel restraurant menu was ok... tasted great and priced cheaper than Bophut area even.
By the way, my new love is this raw prawn dish. I want to make it at home... but if I buy like supermarket prawns and eat it raw with some lime and sweet chilli and parsley dip... will I give myself food poisoning??
Also check out Lamai... not as busy as Chaweng, but just as many choices... plus it's cheaper for shopping.
 We got round most of the island on foot. But we also took the tuktuk/bus thingy (about 100- 200 baht per ride) or taxis (about 300- 400 baht per ride). If you have the balls, then rent a motorbike.. super cheap, only like 200-300 baht to rent one the whole day... but I scared I fall and scar myself.... so no bikes for me!
Venture around the island and you will find elephant rides, tiger zoos and treks to waterfalls. 
Our trek to the waterfalls was pretty impromtu... we were headed out for only lunch actually. So I was wearing a dress and flipflops. Argh! 
What a torture it was, and so not worth it to look at bitty waterfalls after walking and sliding and getting bitten by mosquitoes for half an hour (plus after that must trek back out!).
It was a lovely honeymoon, but I still felt happy flying back in to Singapore (we flew Bangkok Airways)... I always feel so good as the plane approaches Singapore. The lights, the bustle, and knowing that it'll be a breeze through airport immigration. Koh Samui airport shed was horrid btw, very kampong.


  1. You brought back cup noodles to give relatives ah lol

  2. Holly Jean,

    Congrats on a lovely honeymoon.

    I trust the 10 days spent together grew your new marriage into something that will last for years to come!


  3. Anonymous1:56 am

    Try getting prawns from the sashimi section in supermarkets (eg. Isetan's, Takashimaya's)

  4. Anonymous7:30 am

    Is that David in the comments THE David? *curious*

    1. Nope. That guy who commented is not even living in Singapore lol :)

      My husband doesnt read my blog.

  5. Your Bah Kwa comment was hilarious! Congratulations :)


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