What to Wear on the Wedding Night?

Ok here's the thing... my wedding gown is not a poofy one.. it hasn't even got like layers of fabric and tule. It's a simple long gown, kinda slinky around the bum. I love my dress, but now I realise ah! I can't wear bridal lingerie under it.The most I can wear without it showing through the satin, is a seamless thong.

I was thinking nude/beige thong will be the least visible... because sometimes white underwear pops out (like brighter) under a white dress .. you know what I mean? 
But a beige (aka granny colour) thong is soooo unsexy! At least a white thong is sexy in a pure and simple way.
If I had a more elaborate gown, I could have a bra and lace underwear with garters and stockings... which is the ultimate sexy bridal lingerie ensemble. 

My options are...
1. Just go with a white thong. It can't show up that bad under ivory satin. For the wedding night, a plain and simple white piece can be sexy too.
2. Go with the beige/nude thong, and then on the wedding night, pop into the bathroom to undress myself and change into sexy lingerie.

I always felt that the wedding night is when the dress comes off to reveal traditional wedding lingerie. And I once had an older friend (who has been married like 20 years) mention that the only thing she ever regretted about her wedding is not letting her husband take her wedding gown off her. If she could go back and do it again, that is one thing she would change.

What do you feel I should do?

I've been looking around at bridal lingerie online... then I went off track and bought myself some PJs for home wear from Olette Lingerie...lol 
These is my Winkle Camy set. It's a soft pink colour and the fabric is very smooth. :)
Very comfy for lounging around the house on lazy weekends.

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  1. Anonymous12:12 am

    i feel you should try both thongs under the wedding dress and take photos for both instance. it is only then that you will know which will show up more.

  2. Ms piggy10:30 am

    I agree with anon 1212 or u can just go commando ;)

  3. i agree with anon 1212... check whichever looks better in pics... that's more important.. you don't want some funky VPL to show up in all your photos.

    as for the taking off the gown part... well, you can go commando by then (big reveal! tadah!) or you can always let him unwrap you first, and then go change into the sexy bridal lingerie for him to unwrap a second time =P

  4. Anonymous12:17 am

    I hope the groom is sober enough to enjoy the view by then ;)

  5. I prefer option 2. While your own photographer will be able to photoshop the white thong out if it shows up under the dress, the last thing you want is your relative's/friend's photos of you in your gown and your visible thong appear for all posterity :p Also, given that you will be walking around a lot throughout the night i.e sweating, my guess is after the wedding you might want to freshen up a little before you do the reveal, and if you were wearing your wedding undies the whole time, it might be a little worse for wear by the time you are ready for the reveal.

  6. Stephaine7:59 pm

    The seamless lingerie is so sweat


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