Days Are Long, But The Years Are Too Short

It feels like only a few months ago I got engaged but this Christmas eve it'll be a whole year. Our new home still feels extremely brand new when actually we've had it for 6 months now. 

Events that happened right at the beginning of the year, I recall as having happened just yesterday. 

I hardly did any travelling at all in the last half of this year. I could have done more.. put more in my memory books. 
It seems that the older I get, the faster each year goes past. Where has it all gone?

very tired.... only a short post from me today (sorrie). Will leave you with these assorted pics of the past week though! Enjoy! (and do leave your comments or drop me emails.. I love hearing from you .. both good and bad stuff).

Lola's new teddy bear (available from Haagen Dazs) makes a cute Christmas stocking filler gift. I've been wanting to go down to Haagen Dazs to taste their Christmas fondue set or one of their Christmas specials... but I haven't had the time. Go check it out... or stay tuned to my instagram (@hollyjean69)... I'll have the ice cream fondue soooon. 
 We've put our Christmas tree up. It will be a quiet Christmas for us this year.
 I wore my new tights with Daisy Duck. lol. Love them. Very thin and sheer though. I will be sad when I rip them, cos can't get in Singapore. Should I hold a spree and order more?
Oh haha... David and I tried out the face morphing thing where you can predict what your kid will look like based on you and your partner's features.... That's Holly and David junior. Funny how David looked at the pic and said- " He looks like me"... and I was like "WTF? No he doesn't, he looks like me. My nose and chin and hair!"  And then David's mum saw it and said the kid looks nothing like either of us.. hahaaaaa
This is an old pic of me as a toddler. (I just ate the bread meant for the birds, hence my expression). Btw, if the kid is anything like me, he/she'll have a busy mouth... I also ate our potted plant, and Christmas tree ornament when i was a toddler.
We collected our wedding bands! (special thanks to Elaine & Lee Hwa). Mine is an eternity band and a rose gold band inter-twined. And the notch in this design makes it fit with my current solitaire. And all 3 bands are the same width thereabouts... so looks nice all together. David likes it plain and matte, such a manly man, he doesn't even want like a speck of design on it.  (read about the 5 most iconic wedding band designs in history)

Ok Happy midweek everyone! Hang in there...Not long until Friday!! xx


  1. Anonymous8:01 am

    I like your ring!!! The crisscross design is kinda unique

  2. CeLesTina8:45 am

    Hi Holly
    Cant wait to see yr wedding photo shoot : )

    How time flies.. counting down to christmas & 2013 ... & of course yr BIG DAY : )

  3. Anonymous9:27 am

    Happy Mid Week HJ.
    OMG the baby does look like you when you were a baby!

  4. Anonymous12:00 pm

    What does David work as?

  5. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Open preorder!!! New reader here :)

  6. David is a project mgr.

    I wanna start a preorder but it takes 3 wks to get here from Taiwan .... Not sure if jan is a good time to hv to send orders out cos ill be busy with wedding. :( if u see it selling at bugis or wat let me know k. No point I order in bulk for readers then turns out can get at abt same price in bugis :)


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