Our Rainbow Sandals!

Rainbow Sandals is a brand of footwear from California that was established  in 1974. They have been around for nearly 40 years and carry a strong following in the US as the 3rd best selling sandal brand, popular among a wide range of trendsetters and celebs.
Jake Gyllenhaal
Kirsten Stewart
And now it's available in Singapore too :) The price range is between $55 to $130 SGD, and my readers get 15% off from now until January 2013. (Just use Coupon Code HOLLYJEAN when checking out at www.rainbowsandals.com.sg)
At the pool with our new Rainbows
David has the Classic Men's Premier Leather Sandals in Expresso & I have the Pink Premier Leather Sandals in Pink with  real Swarovski Crystals. Both our sandals come with a lifetime guarantee :)

Rainbow Sandals has a tradition of crafting high-end flip-flops with top quality materials. Its focus on delivering a superior sandal extends to Guarantee Policies that range from six-months to a lifetime (depending on the model type).

Why I love Rainbow sandals? 3 simple reasons- 

Comfort - The arch design gives good support. There is a memory foam layer on the sandal which molds to your foot over time, so each pair become personalized and more comfortable the longer you wear them. There is a break in period as with any leather shoe (a couple weeks or so). They are designed to conform to your unique foot over time.

Durability - It's made from premium materials. I used to have to replace my flip flops every couple of months... but now, I just picked a Rainbow sandal in a design and colour that's so ME, and it's going to last me a long long time. Mine has lifetime guarantee even!

Style- The women's range comes in colours if you dont like tan or brown. Plus they have ones with swarovski crystals on the straps, or braided straps.
If you want to check out the sandals in person, they are available at Outdoor Life Wheelock Place, Outdoor Life Novena, and Mana Mana on the East Coast. 
You can buy them conveniently online at the Rainbow Sandals website (Shipping within Singapore is FREE) plus you can get 15% off your online purchase by using coupon code "HOLLYJEAN" .

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  1. Stephanie6:22 pm

    So excited to see these finally here in Singapore! We saw them a couple years ago on holiday in California and everybody there seemed to have them!

  2. Kelvin10:33 am

    maybe now you girls stop wearing the ugly Fit flops like all the aunties, ahhhh... Rainbows look nicer

  3. don't dis the fitflops ok... super duper comfortable! i even have male friends who swear by them. function over form! although i am getting tired of seeing every other woman wearing fitflops nowadays... these rainbow sandals look like a possible alternative...


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