My Self Designed Wedding Invites

(** Thanks for all your question submissions. I will video them this weekend and post on Monday!)
Being the control freak that I am... I designed my own wedding invites to suit my theme and colour scheme.
Got them printed.. and they were just regular long invites. I printed 100 main invites, 50 after party invites (for those who are not in the main invitation list), 100 place cards, 150 thank you cards, 150 matching mailing labels and a shit load of plain envelopes. It cost just over $200.
Then I bought a corner cutting tingy.. it's kinda like a paper hole punch... but this one cuts the pointy corners into rounded ones. Only $8 at Popular bookstore. This gives a nicer finish to the card....
Next I got thin blue ribbon... and I bought bird charms. I think having charms are just an additional detail to tie in the whole theme, as well as make the invite just that extra bit special/pretty. Expect to fork out about 50cents a charm when you buy in bulk.
Tadah! The end result of my main invites...  (the after party invite is just a smaller/shorter version of the main invite)
When guests receive the invites, they can detach the charm to use on their bracelet, as a pendant or on their key ring (like what I've done).
Same blue and bird theme running throughout.. on the place cards
... and on the Thank You cards as well. (Thank you cards to be sent out a week or so after the wedding)
I opted for a glossy finish on one side of the thank you card where I was sure I would not be writing anything by hand... cos I already printed a quote there- "Gratitude, like love, lives and grows in our hearts" . I think that's a good quote for a wedding thank you card.

Then on the flipside, I printed lines for us to write a personal message to each guest. I am glad I did not print my main invites with a glossy finish. It would have really been IMPOSSIBLE to write on. I was worried about the glossy finish being too slick so that's why I went with the plain matte finish for the main invites. Thank god I did.
Will show you pics of the whole theme coming together on the 26th of Jan itself. By the way, if you have instagram.. add me!! (@hollyjean69)

Meanwhile, the Navy Paper Poms I ordered from MerryLove:WeddingThings... have arrive. I fluffed one out, just to see what it'll look like. Yay!
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  1. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Hi Holly Jean,

    I am designing my own invitations too. Do you mind sharing where you print yours? It's pretty cheap for so many pcs. Thank you!

  2. I'm waiting for whatsapp to come out with with invite features. Then it's time to get married and send invites from there :D

  3. I printed at vista print

  4. Your Thank you card is very pretty too! I'm sure your guests will appreciate all your hard work on the invites! =)

  5. Ooh! The charms are a fantastic touch! I like that it can be reused as keychains.

  6. Anonymous1:54 am

    Hi Holly! since we're in the DIY topic, do u know where or how I can get these satin flower corsage clips that I can use for the shoes? i have been looking high and low for the perfect heels for my wedding but I just could not find any!

    Time is running out, so I might opt for adding some personal touch to a regular pair of heels!

    thanks heeps!

  7. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Hey Holly,

    Where did you buy the bird charms from?

  8. U can buy charms in bulk from

  9. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Thank you! (:


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