Choosing & Paying for Wedding Wines

Usually in Singapore, when you have your wedding banquet in a hotel, they do have house red and white wine for your reception. It's priced at about $30++ to $70++ per bottle... which isn't mad expensive... except that with those prices, you can expect to actually be serving your guests the cheapest of cheap wine (meaning worth waaay less than what you're paying)... probably like those $15 bottle wines at the supermarket.
I strongly suggest purchasing your own wine in bulk from dealers/reserves and getting the hotel to waive the corkage fee (which covers opening and serving the wine , usually about $20- $30 per bottle).
Selecting our Wedding Wines- At first I wanted to go with one rosé and just standardise that one drink for everyone. But after much tasting and discussion, we decided to pair our starter and main courses with white wines since we have a fish starter and a chicken main course.
As a rule of thumb, a safe amount to buy would be 1 bottle for every 2 guests. That means I need 40 bottles for 80 guests.

Two wines that go very well with many different types of foods and that can be served year-round are Sauvignon Blanc for a white and, among reds, Pinot Noir. 
We purchased 1 crate of Chardonnay and 2 crates of Sauvignon Blanc, it's sitting in our store room now. We have also ordered a crate of red as well (just in case some of them don't drink white).  That will be delivered next week as there was not enough stock of the Pinot Noir we chose.
The chardonnay was much cheaper than the pinot noir and sauvignon blanc.. but at an average of about $30 a bottle, 4 crates (48 bottles) costs $1440. Kind of makes me want to faint, so much money just for the wedding reception wine alone. But what's a wedding celebration without wine!

Thank goodness we won't have to pay $1440 at one shot at the end of this month. I've paid for this purchase using the OCBC Cashflo Card, so my payments have been automatically split into 3 months of interest free installments. That's only $480 a month. 

So in just 3 months, all my wedding wines will be paid up in full, and I won't feel the pinch of having to pay for it upfront all at once. :) *relief*

I'm very pleased I chose this card. You can check out more details on OCBC Cashflo Card here.

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  1. thanks for sharing this post~

  2. Simha3:52 pm

    Just an advise but leaving your wines in the store room maybe a wrong thing to do.

    Wines need to be stored at a constant cool temperature and Singapore being really hot the store is really a bad place.

  3. Yo! Its been eons and it was only by a minor miracle that I stumbled across yr blog by accident and thought I recognised you. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! All the best and may I add that your beau is indeed an extremely fortunate chap. You look fab btw...;)

    P.S. Whatever happened to your friend who hustled me out of a pool cue? I hope she did not use it for any kinky stuff or violent acts. It was my fav cue.

  4. @Simha.. oh dear.. i dont have enough chiller space to store all those wines.. (plus 2 more crates to come).

    I wonder if it's ok to store in the spare bedroom maybe...

    Thanks for the advice.. I really overlooked that bit!


    @ K.. are u Keane???? OMG it has been eons indeed! Which friend?? Ur the guy with the pool table in his house right? I think it would have been my friend Sarah.. lol.. she's married for a couple years now, and has a lil boy. :D

  5. keane1:47 pm

    W0w...excellent memory indeed....

    Was actually searching for another friend by the name of holly and came across yr blog. Was smitten by your (ahem) disheveled au-naturel cover photo and upon closer examination, thought "hey I know this ravishing damsel"

    Yep, must have been sarah altho' you all were using pseudo identities then...glad to know she's happily settled down. Was it the guy with the 'awesome endurance'?

    Your pics look stunning. Have an awesome wedding !!!


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