How to Dress at the Casino

Some of you out there may be thinking of taking a vacation to a casino town such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or even Malta. While many casinos do not have a stated dress code, how you dress will convey the type of image your want to portray while you are there.

Here are a few tips on how to dress when going to the casino.

Go for High Roller over Slot Junkie

When thinking about what to wear to the casino, you want to lean towards dressing up as opposed to "dressing for comfort." For the ladies, gorgeous cocktail dresses or evening gowns are a nice touch, especially if you are hanging around the casino pit.

For guys, you don't have to go full blown tuxedo, but a nice suit or designer silk shirt and slacks will tell people that you are there to play and not just there to rack up comp points.

Choose a Stylish but Comfortable Shoe

Your shoes will help 
to complete your outfit, but definitely go for something with some support as you will do a lot of walking inside of the casino. Ladies should probably shoot for  platform high heels while guys can probably get by with a nice dress loafer. Dark suede goes well with many outfits and allows for more comfort than a standard dress shoe.

Stay Classy with Hair
Some people will tell ladies to go with romantic curls or a youthful spiked look for guys. That's great if all you want people to talk about is your hairdo. For ladies, stick with a much more classic and elegant hairstyle to go with that sleek dress you are wearing. Let your hair give an air of class.

Guys, stick with a hairdo that goes with your look. If you are more of a standard tux type of guy, go with more of a standard do. A classic haircut is great for guys with a more chiseled jaw line as it shows strength and stability.

Finally, when you go to the casino, pay attention to the general theme of the casino. If it is more of a party casino, then you may find that fancy dress is a little over the top. Keep mental notes of what is working and what doesn't work so that the next time you go out, you can put together the best outfit for the venue.