Pretty DIY Projects

I love DIY, and I'm very good with my hands (except for sports or playing musical

I am particularly interested in upcycling. Upcycling (not exactly re-cycling) is converting old or useless products into new stuff. Here are some DIY /Upcycling projects tht I'm inspired to try out.. thought of sharing with you these ideas too :)

If you have an umbrella you don't want (or the spokes are broken).. you can use the handle as a wall hook. The length of the hook also allows you to hang some hangers from it. Cool. There were no instructions or tutorials with these pictures, I just found them on the internet. But looks simple enough...
Drill a hole in a wooden base (or you can drill directly into the wall instead if you don't use a base. Then insert wall plug (if you drilled directly into the wall). Get those screws which have threads on both ends (I don't know what they are called but you can find at any DIY store.. just make sure the size matches the hole in the umbrella handle, the wall plug and the hole you just drilled).
screw looks like this
If you're using a base (then a regular screw will do, but make sure it's long enough to get a good way through the umbrella handle... otherwise if you hang too heavy stuff off it, the handle will fall off!).

Then screw everything in place. I think it would look better if you have a few of them lined up... kinda like an arty coat rack. 
If your umbrella has a nice pattern, why not upcycle it into a skirt! You won't need to stitch the hem (yay! Less work!). Just cut a hole on the top (so you can go in it and wear it around your waist). You can either hem the top and insert elastic into the hem (this forms a waistband), or you can do like in the picture above and sew a ribbon or sash onto the top bit, and just tie it to tighten it around your waist.

I reckon the elastic will work better, and the skirt will look nice and poofy.

Will show you results if I ever get round to trying it one day (problem is trying to find discarded umbrella with a very nice print.... and also, I already have way too much clothes). Let me know if you do try it (and send me pic maybe??).

Also, apart from Sunday Lemmings, how would you feel if I started an UpCycle Thursday on my blog where I share the more unique and attractive upcyling projects and ideas with you? Would you like something like that? 


  1. Upcycle Thursday is awesome! Would love to see your posts :)

  2. You are giving excuse to guys for hiding under the skirt when it's raining!


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