Faking The Beach Babe Look

I just got back from Phuket today. Was a good break. Tomorrow I will be going to Granny's Day Out to shop for some vintage clothes. Yay! Before I left for Phuket, I did a shoot with them.. 80s Party Collection themed. Was so fun. You can view the FB album (Here), btw, do like their page, and Like the photos in the album.. 3 lucky Likers will get $50 vouchers each.

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Today's post is all about looking like a goddess in the sand by faking it all with a flattering bikini, the right attitude and a few simple tips and tricks to give you that sexy confidence on the beach.

Buy a Good Bikini
The number one essential is a gorgeous bikini. Pick one in a style and colour that flatters your body. White or Bright colours look amazing on tanned skin. Opt for padded bikini tops or underwire for a boost... one of my favourites is this Pink Bikini from ClubCouture, its underwired, and has push up padding (woot!). 

Sold out already but you can check out their other bikinis- here.

Fake a Perfect Face
You need good skin to rock an effortless sans make up look. At the beach, I just use my ettusais Eye Zone Tinted essence, love this because it brightens my undereye area without looking like a load of make up. Then pat a light layer of BB cream on my whole face. Don't make too thick because you'll get sweaty on the beach,
I MUST draw in my eyebrows, as I think I look much better after defining my eyebrows (I use a cheap $2 brown pencil from Daiso for this). 
Then if I am feeling extra vain, I stick on eyelashes but only 'wings'.. meaning I cut one false eyelash into two, and stick one halve on the ending part of each eyelid.. instead of sticking the false eyelash on the whole eyelid. I rather stick on eyelashes because I find that most mascaras will run at the beach!). And don't forget to use sunscreen!

Get a Glow
Pale skin looks out of place at the beach. Tanned skin looks good in a bikini and it also has a slimming effect! 
I strongly advocate a little sun everyday, instead of a full whack suddenly, cos you'll just burn. Also, some people just don't tan easily. So if you don't tan, look for fake tanning products or better still body moisturiser/sunblock with a tint or shimmer in it. I have heard of these but haven't used any so I don't have any to recommend.

Cover Up Cleverly
Choose a cover up that plays up your assets. If you have slim legs, wear a short tunic. 
If you have great collarbones and shoulders then wear a tube dress.  No matter what your choice of cover up, choose a sexy fabric. A semi sheer fabric, or a crochet knit (Like this crochet lace overlay from Wisteria) is sexier than a printed cotton sarong.

Be Hairless
Nothing more gross than pubes peeking out of your bikini bottom for women... or even men in their shorts. Big no no. My favourite wax therapist (in Paya Lebar) is Kerry from thegolddust, I think I've known her for years now. My very first wax with her was back in Feb 2009... see this video (gosh I looked so much younger then I think)

Regardless of your favorite beach function – whether it’s swimming, a game of volleyball or browning your skin, you can look like a hot beach babe by faking it a little... or a lot!

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