Reasons I've Been Rejected


EVERYONE faces it... some more than others. It's no big deal. You can't be everyone's cup to tea.

I once came across a quote on TV (I cannot remember who said it), but it goes a little something like- "No matter how good looking a woman is.. somewhere, someone is sick of her shit."

LOL. Pretty true, don't you think?

So here are the past rejection lines/reasons I've been given. (Well, the ones I still remember anyway)

1. You Seem High Maintenance.

Why do you judge based on looks alone? High maintenance based on what? Was it based on the fact that I don't use expensive designer stuff, don't go to spas, don't pay for manicures and don't like showy obiang jewellery? Or perhaps it's because I am good with my hands and like to save $ by DIY-ing, and earned the nickname Bob-the-Builder by a previous long term BF?

2. You're a Party Girl
I know a lot of people I've dated got this 'first impression' of me. I think maybe it's just my appearance that makes it seem so. Maybe when I was younger, yeah, I was like that. I'm not anymore, but somehow the aura of being a party animal still follows me... even though I'd rather be at home in my pink PJs anytime.

3. Your Eyes Have Little Hats
Haha... this was the actual phrase one of my dates told me before! A few years ago, if you remember, I was addicted to eyelash extensions. They were my only one indulgence.. but I got carried away, and always did the Barbie Dolly style.. which was super long and thick (not to mention heavy!). Now in retrospect.. yeah, they were so unnatural, and it did look like my eyes had little hats. LOL   (p/s- read abt my past eyelash Horror here.)

4. You're a Bad Kisser

This was more than 10 years ago.. I think he said I was too stiff or thought about it too much. I SWEAR I have improved since then.. and never heard that line again! 

Oh, this guy just got married recently! (I know someone will accuse me of talking about her husband, but I am NOT. I am talking about a guy I used to date, then he moved to Melbourne and met his wife there. So don't be paranoid, biatch).

5. Hand in Face
No kidding. One guy ever put his hand in my face to stop me from talking. I was at Zouk with my Gf, Sarah... we must have been 18. Lol. Then this guy  was chatting her up, and I came over to talk to them. Probably very loudly and annoyingly (thinking I am so hot.. everyone wants to talk to me)... haha...  and he put his hand in my face (like.. Speak to the Hand gesture!), and continued talking to her. Lol.. don't know if Sarah remembers this, it was quite a non-event. But I remember vaguely having a hand in my face rejection that night.

I asked my friends on FaceBook (wall) to share some of the rejection lines they got in the past. And one of my old friends. (I had one date with him when I was about 19 maybe)... he volunteered this line- "There was one about my shirt being too colourful."

And guess what? Yep, it was ME that gave him that line.. some 12 years ago! Lol.. we are friends now, and can laugh about it. But yes, back then I would reject dates because they like.. wore the same pair of shoes on 2 consecutive dates with me! Wish I were kidding, but I am not. Well, at least I've grown up since then!

One last rejection line I remember, and makes me laugh, has nothing to do with me. It was from my ex, Mark, when he dated a girl off the internet (after we split up, but were still friends)... anyway, they did not hit if off. At the end of the date, she asked him if he would like to see her again. He said, No.

She then asked for honest feedback, so she could improve (for future dates with others)... Mark took it very literally, and bluntly told her, "you need a proper haircut." LoL. Cruel!

That's all I can remember for now. What are some of the rejection lines you've given out or received? Just be honest.. it's good to let it out. Afterall... rejection is a normal part of life. If we never got rejected before, we would never have the urge to improve ourselves! Share!


  1. I remember guys telling me I am more wife material that's why they don't want to date me zzzz

  2. Anonymous12:41 pm

    I stopped dating some guy because my friend pointed out that his ear stick out. :(

  3. There's always something we don't like about someone la. It's how you point out to them in a less cruel manner. Like how someone said i got bird nest hair! >:(

  4. Anonymous9:32 pm

    At first it was studies, then it was because she thinks I would 'control' her.

  5. Anonymous4:05 pm

    err i am surprised as i have not said or gotten such straightforward rejection lines before lol

    guess everyne was politically correct n we never found out the real reason.
    common ones were: "you're too good/ pure for me" "i dont wish to focus on relationships now as my focus in on work/studies" "i'm not good enough for u"

    it all meant one thing - he's just not that into u! :P

  6. Hey Jean, when guys reject you, it has nothing to do with your looks, intelligence etc... It has something to do with your GAME. You are just too loving. They are bored with you cos u shower them wif affection like Singapore's potable tap water. Try being the drops of water in Sahara desert.

  7. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Dated someone who was almost a decade older than me. I was definitely inexperienced. He told me that we were at different levels in the r/s. I was a "baby" while he was at the advanced stage. *ouch*


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