Our New Home is Almost Complete!

I've made more trips to Ikea in the last 4 weeks than I have probably in my life! Setting up a new home is a tremendous task, and there's just SO MANY THINGS needed.... and so many mistakes to be made too. Head in a spin, and rushy rushy, we even bought the wrong size blinds for the spare bedroom! Good thing is, IKEA has a 100day, no questions asked exchange policy. We just returned it and bought the right size roller blinds.
We put up the curtains ourselves. The curtains come in ready made panels to fit the curtain rod. All I needed to do was hem it up to the desired length. No need to sew! They included iron on hemming tape. Yay! Easy!

In the living room in dark gray. I'm using ANITA curtains which cost $79 a pair.

Made of a  Heavy fabric helps to reduce sound and keeps light out. 

Here's the master bedroom curtains in brown. Wah, sorry the bed so messy. Click Here to view the whole range of IKEA blinds and curtains.
I LOVE MY BATHROOM!!! And the white blinds (also from IKEA) keep it looking bright and clean. David picked them... Good choice. Here we are using 2 blinds side by side, one is 1.2m, the next one 1.4m wide. (pic above, the window panel not frosted yet)

My bathroom ceiling is very high, and windows very long, so even the longest blinds in stock were too short. So, while my fiance was out having a haircut, I frosted the lower panels myself! Bought the frosting sheets from a DIY store! *beaming with pride*
More storage, this rack for the bombshelter was only like approx $80. Actually you can view their whole catalogue online. This includes pictures, prices, dimensions and other important product information.
Of course, we never leave IKEA without our hotdog and drink combo... as well as some yummy frozen food for our freezer (now no longer empty!). Will start cooking once we fully move in!

Now that the new place is almost completed... I can start focusing on wedding planning again... time is running out (!) ... I have to confirm the venue in the next week or so.... otherwise everywhere will be fully booked for the date we want.
Wanna show u my lil' friend that helps mark important pages in my Bride magazine. It's Rilakuma!
This cute bear holds its place on pages without damaging the paper, and doesn't accidentally slip off either. I got it from Summur De Serendipity . They also sell Korilakkuma (White Bear) and Kiiroitori (Yellow Chick). (only $2.50)
Ish damn cute! They make me smile  :)
Another item I love from their online store is the ear phone clip. It's for keeping ur earphone wires bundled nicely, but I use it for all chords and chargers.
They have all sorts of cartoon stationery, bags, wallets, gadgets and "necessories".  :)  View their store - here. And their FB page - here.  :)


My Coral Layered Shorts are from Mirth Inc.   :)   Coral is my new favourite colour! These shorts look like a short skirt with the soft chiffon layers. Very pretty piece.

Mirth Inc has 2 Giveaways for You...

Giveaway 1: Especially for my readers, the Giveaway Item is the Mesh Fabric Midi Skirt. It has an elastic high waist, gathered pleats and full mesh overlay. If you want this item, pop over to Mirth Inc's website, and find out the price of this skirt, then email me at hollyjean69@gmail.com with your answer from now until 25th May midnight. Winner will be notified by email, and this skirt will be mailed to you :) .... easy!

Giveaway 2: Mirth Inc is having a giveaway for all their Facebook Friends. So Like Mirth Inc on FB. And then Like&Share their Catalogue II Pic. Winner will get to pick the item they want (I recommend the Coral Layered Shorts like I have!). This giveaway ends tomorrow (25th May)


  1. Anonymous5:24 pm

    ur house is really coming along nicely! :) I love the clean n cozy feeling it has...& u look lovely in the dresses :)

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