The New Home

Over the last couple of weekends, we spent our mornings at IKEA Alexander. I think the best time for IKEA on the weekend is first thing in the morning, 9.30 am for breakfast at their cafe (I had mee siam, yummy! And kids portion of meatballs another day), and then be one of the firsts into the store at 10am. 

By noon, the store gets much more crowded!

First day, we bought 5 lights for the new apartment, and a new set of bed sheets. The next day we went back for 5 more lights. We counted 11 lighting points in total. The only light we didn't manage to get was the bedroom one. I liked this light for the bedroom but it is temporarily out of stock.

Very pleased with our pick of IKEA lighting... they are all energy saving, plus getting ligts from IKEA saved us a fortune compared to buying everything from a lighting store (setting up a new home from scratch is expensive!! everything adds up!).

For the living room, we got 2 of the IKEA 365+ BRASA Pendant lamp, red ($79 each) , and for the hallway and door way we got a cute little light called BROMÖLLA  ($49 each).
Looks like a little beacon.  :)

 You can DIY these lights, but we have an electrician/contractor guy doing work on the new place, so he put all the lights up for us.
 Ok... looks plain now.. but it will all tie in with the whole look... show you pics once all is done.
For the dining area, we chose the KLOR LED pendant lamp, nickel-plated ($199)
When this light caught David's eye in the store, I wasn't 100% for it. I thought it was a bit too modern... but now that it's up, I like it. Will suit the high dining table we are thinking of getting (have not bought yet).
The spare room has the ALÄNG Ceiling lamp, white ($49).
Just simple, and non imposing, perfect for a a small guest room. I am glad we didn't get it for the master bedroom though... at first, I got kinda impatient, and said- just get the same for the masterbedroom lah. But David didn't want both rooms to have the same lamp. Phew! Thank goodness he had more patience... because I really want a modern Chandelier type lamp for the masterbedroom. IKEA, when will that HAGGAS lamp come back in stock????  :(
Both bathrooms use a simple ceiling light, that's also bathroom tested. Which i suppose means it can withstand some about of moisture/water. I think these were $29 each, though I don't remember the name.
The main balcony and the bomb shelter will have this simple ball type lamp... LILLHOLMEN (I think it was $29 each). But we have yet to put it up the bathrooms, balcony, bomshelter lights.
When the electrician comes in again this weekend, he will put those up, as well as the FARKOST  ($69 )  for the kitchen :)
Then we had to go back one more time because we miscounted the number of lights we needed.. actually 12 lights.. needed 3 hallway lights, not 2! kwa kwa kwa... So we went back for another BROMÖLLA  Since we were there, we decided to buy the curtain rails, and some curtains... but we have not put those up yet. So much to do! We'll leave it to another weekend. 

Fridge and washing machine just arrived. We had a great deal for it at Mega Discount Store at United Square. 

Everything is coming together quite nicely... our bed and sofa are the biggest expense so far, they are custom made from the Furniture Mall. Those will be delivered in a couple more weeks. Show you updates soon!


  1. Anonymous12:33 pm

    nice dress..where did you get it from?

  2. sorry I don't remember, cos it's like some cheap white cotton dress I bought from a streetside stall in Bali or something like tht.

  3. Just an update:

    Hi everyone, don't leave any comments mentioning where this new place is (even though you recognise the area/etc), cos then I can't authorise those comments and have to delete them... privacy issues.

    thanks :)

  4. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Alrighty, am so happy for you, after so many trials in love, finally get hitch. And got your own love nest.. Wishing you all the best and don't neglect your blog. Btw why is your oven and washing machine place together.. Isn't that weird?

  5. yes i found it weird, but the kitchen is pre-designed... and the slot for the washer is beside the damn oven.

    Which is out of place.. but if I put the washing machine at the back of the kitchen, where the clothes drying area is... then there will be a big hole there... and I am not getting a dishwashing machine to put in there.

  6. Anonymous6:58 am

    hi holly, I suggest if you want to maintain privacy, take off the 8th picture (with all the background buildings).

    Its a dead giveaway to anyone who has ever driven on the PIE.

    All the best. :)

  7. CeLesTina10:40 am

    Hi HJ
    You mentioned u got te Fridge and washing machine at a great deal in Mega Discount Store at United Square.Care to share the brand of the washer & how much?

    Im looking for a washer & hoping to get a gd deal during the coming GSS : )

  8. Samsung- i don't know the model number as i am not at the new hse now. It was $680. which is not cheap for a washing machine considering they do sell ones that are $300+.

    But this one is dual- both washer and tumble dryer too. cos we have no space for a separate tumble dryer.

  9. Anonymous10:20 pm

    I don't think you need to worry too much about your home location or wedding location babe. Firstly, you're not exactly famous or popular. Secondly, who's gonna be so crazy to ruin your home or wedding?? An ex or unforgiving gal pal you've offended? Don't worry!!

  10. Haha....It's not cos I think I am popular or famous, but it's common sense not to put personal address out on the Internet.

    I am ok with ppl knowing the area, like most know I grew up n live in pasir ris. But am uncomfortable with having the exact building name of my new home publicised.

    You are probably a nobody... How about u list ur address here on my blog? Common sense wld tell u it's not a good idea right?

    As for wedding venue, I am being kiasu. There are only bat 4 Saturdays each month , hence I prefer not to reveal venue until after I hv confirmed my own booking. They get snapped up very fast in Singapore. Will of course reveal it once I hv it booked. It's nt a secret. :)

  11. Anonymous11:20 pm

    I really don't think anyone will be able to tell the exact location of your home based on the pictures (unless he/she is the property agent!) and I wasn't expecting you to tell us your address! I definitely respect your
    privacy for sure.

    What i meant was you didn't have to kept stressing about privacy becos its only common sense to not probe further as its your life and your personal space. I dont want to be stepping or invading into that!

    As for the wedding location; everyone has their own idea of a dream wedding - not all prefers a sunset view wedding. I highly doubt anyone is gonna steal your idea, but sure I can understand it's better to confirm it first.

    So don't worry, I'm sure everything will fall into place perfectly. Here's wishing you and David a wonderful life in your new home and an eternity blissful marriage. All the best and look forward to your updates :)

  12. Anonymous4:54 pm

    I am curious ro know how well that dining room light is working out for you. As in can you read under it or even say sew at your dining room table.

  13. yes, this one is pretty bright. I'd say can read and sew under it. But it's not a florescent white. It still has a yellow tinge.

  14. yes, this one is pretty bright. I'd say can read and sew under it. But it's not a florescent white. It still has a yellow tinge.

  15. Anonymous8:12 pm

    How to you like your
    KLOR lamp now?
    Is it no too bright?

  16. Nope, not too bright. It's a nice lamp for the dining area.. though we hardly eat at the dining area as the two of us always eat on the balcony or on the sofa while watching TV (terrible habit).

    The only light we made a mistake with.. is the one in the kitchen.Farkost. It's far too dim even for a tiny kitchen. :( and they only sell the replacement bulbs in that same wattage.

  17. Hi Holly. Do you think the LILLHOMEN ceiling lamp you got for the balcony would be bright enough for the bathroom? I am thinking of using it as a ceiling lamp and adding one on each side of my mirror.

    1. Hmmm... Beside the mirror ?? But it's quite a large ball Leh. Maybe ok .

      It's good enough for bathroom (in fact it's actually made for bathroom, just tht I use if for balcony). My only gripe abt ikea lights is that it's all not that bright (I think because power saving watts or what) and the light bulbs are all yellow (not those white and bright kind).

      I recently changed all my bulbs to non ikea ones and my house much brighter. It's fine in the bedroom but for places like kitchen and bathroom, dim light bulbs are torture! So yeah even if u get that lamp for the bathroom, maybe consider buying a non ikea LED bulb elsewhere (standard screw bulb). Then it will be bright enough for sure.


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