Bali In June

Quick Update: I've shortlisted 4 dresses for me to wear to my cousin's wedding. To see details / bigger pics, just click on the names of the dresses. Please help me pick one.


I am looking forward to my cousin Olivia's wedding in mid June. She's having it in Bali. Some people don't like destination weddings because there's the added expense of getting flight tickets and accommodation to attend the wedding. But if hers weren't a destination wedding, I'd have to fly to Perth for her wedding anyway... so I welcome Bali anytime!
I'm looking forward to seeing the whole family again... I hardly fly to Perth to see them.. The last time I was in Australia must have been 3 years ago?? I forgot... but it must be logged in my blog somewhere.

I am wondering what to wear to the wedding.
I want to wear the lace dress I designed but I think it's VERY bad manners to wear white or off white when you're not the bride (Hello, everyone, please take note of this ettiquette when attending my wedding later on!). [Btw, the Holly Lace Dress is available in 4 sizes, -here] (Quote HOLLYJEAN to enjoy 10% off, for first time customers of ClubCouture)

I don't think I will wear a long gown, as I think I will be uncomfortable and boiling hot in a gown in Bali. Hmm.. think I'll go poke around online for a new dress to wear.

I'll be staying at Nusa Dua this time, heard it's quiet and peaceful. I've stayed at Kuta and Seminyak on previous trips, I like Seminyak very much. It'll be David's first time in Bali. He can't get much time off so we are only doing 2 nights. Wish it were longer, but am pleased he managed to get a few days off to join me.
Flying Garuda and staying at Bali Tropic Resort. I love their beach (well, based on the photo lol). I booked the deluxe bungalow for us.
I think it's going to be lovely... the bungalow style is very balinese but I hope it won't be like... mosquito hell just outside. I am not much of a village girl... now wondering if I should have gone with the Marriott at Nusa Dua (their garden room was same price).

Will update you on how the trip goes! A few days after that trip, it will be our first year anniversary... 1 year since I met David.  :)

Also- Is it Kuta where u can find all those shops with canvases of Buddha paintings and stuff? I know Seminyak has some nice pricey art galleries. But Kuta has those Budha ones right? I can't remember...
My interview on Love X Liberty is here.

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  1. Hi Holly,

    I am going to Bali too! Will be heading to Bali this week with my bf. It will be our 1st time to Bali and will be staying at Seminyak, Casa Artista.

    Great to hear that you like Seminyak. I hope we'll have a pleasant trip too =D

    Hope you enjoy yr trip and your cousin wedding in june too!

  2. Bali Tropic is lovely! Had a memorable staying there last sept. Good services (they provide a nice welcome drink and a complimentary tropical fruit basket) The beach is clean and rather quiet..., also the breakfast buffet is not bad!

    Oh ya, on the 2nd night after a full day tour to Ubud, we came back to our room finding there's a small birthday cake with my hubby's name on it. Complimentary from the Hotel! :)
    So touching!!

    Ps. for regular painting collections (not so exp) can try browse to art market like "Pasar Seni at Kuta" or "Bali Collections at Nusa Dua".

    Enjoy ur trippp!! ;)

  3. Anonymous11:24 pm


  4. pearly11:45 pm

    is the wedding a daytime or evening affair? outdoors by the beach or on the hotel premises? i like the floral printed for day-time and the pink for at night. the organza lace looks lovely for a formal sitdown dinner.

  5. Organza Lace! Would look best on you =)

  6. Anonymous1:24 am

    Pink Bodycon FTW!

  7. Anonymous8:26 pm

    I saw some Buddha stuff at Ubud (: Have you been there? It's the row of shops near the monkey forest.

    Have fun in Bali! I miss it soo much.

  8. Anonymous1:14 am

    Floral Maxi for a refreshing look


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