What I Love About the First Kiss

You know when you're attracted to someone or dating someone for a while, and you have not kissed them yet... you start to wonder about the first kiss?

When I was younger, first kisses used to be stressful!!  I am sure many of my young readers might still be facing this. How do I do it? What if our noses clash? How long should it be? What if I suck at it? Oh shit, is he about to kiss me right now?! Is he not? What What????

But when I got older, first kisses are oh so wonderful! Something I look forward to. It's a combination of yearning, lust, curiosity, excitement... backed with the knowledge that more often than not, first kisses are wonderful and euphoric.

I remember my very very very first kiss. I was 15. We were seated in a park (Seashell Park in pasir ris) after a date. I had never been kissed before ever. I suddenly realised.. as he was getting close to me, and stopped talking, and was looking at my lips... that OMG it's going to happen! My first kiss. And I FREAKED silently inside (lol). I turned away.

NOT because I didn't want to kiss him, but because I was shy! Haha. He actually placed his hand gently on my chin and turned my face to his, and kissed me. Awww.. I was lucky I guess, because my first kiss was with a guy who was a couple of years older than me in school. And he was smooth senior ... instead of a gawky pimply sweaty handed classmate... lol...

 :)  I will forever remember that first kiss. I actually remember most of my first kisses.

The next first kiss was with my first BF in Junior College. I was in year 1, he was in year 2. I remember sitting on the sofa bed in my room, watching TV with him. I was eyeing the clock above the TV the whole time because I knew he had to leave by a certain time and get the bus home. (I think he probably eyeing the clock too). Time kept passing, there was a lot of nervous tension in my room that night.

I thought to myself.. okay if he doesn't kiss me by 11pm, I will kiss him (I can't remember the exact time now though.... it was more than 10 years ago! I am only guessing!). But as luck would have it, he suddenly and nervously turned and kissed me before 11pm.

The next kiss after that was a guy I met at Zouk Out..... who then became my BF for about 2 years. He asked me at Zouk Out... after we had been chatting for the whole night there... " May I kiss you?"   That was sweet.

My first kiss with david was our second date. It was after a movie at NEXX... Actually after the first date, I did not think he was HOT. But decided to go for a second date (a movie) with him anyway because he was refreshingly down to earth (not trying to sweep me off my feet) and was a nice guy.

On this second date, he bent down to pick something off the floor.... I checked out his ass (shame on me! But I am a perv like that) and I liked what I saw. LoL. It was then that I decided... hmmm.. maybe there's something here. For me, I think that very moment was the moment that started this relationship... seriously (I believe a relationship must start with physical attraction, and then built on with an emotional and intellectual connection)

Anyway!! I digress!

My first kiss with David was on our second date, after NEXX, we went to Vivocity to collect my Crizal Glasses... actually I was planning to go alone, but since he bent over, and I liked his ass... I asked him to go to Vivo with me ... prolonging our date. And when I was done at vivo, we were going to say good bye, he jut kissed me. I wasn't expecting it. It was more of a peck. But sweet all the same.

As you get older and more experienced, you will find that you no longer shy away from the first kiss. When older, I've found myself initiating the first kiss. The usual signals that someone wants to kiss you is

- there's suddenly a dip in conversation
- he looks at your lips a lot
- you catch him licking his lips (you discreetly lick yours as well, I usually look down when I do this so it's not obvious haha)
- your faces are pretty close together
- you can sense a tension (good tension... like bottled up excitement)

I love first kisses! I would just lean in for the kiss. I've read it correctly and it hasn't been a miss so far!

Lol... but imagine leaning in for a kiss only to have him turn away from you! Don't worry... I am only kidding! It is hardly going to happen unless you're very deluded (like someone isn't interested but you read the signs as they've got the hots for you).

So go!! Go out there and enjoy your first kiss. What were some of your most memorable kisses like?

p/s- the next blog post... about Bad kisses and the first kisses which told me.. nah.. this relationship is not going to happen!

Have u seen my video on how to get a baby soft pout? (kissable lips)


  1. Anonymous9:30 am

    wat abt ur first kiss with Mark?

  2. second date.. at Hacienda (Dempsey)

  3. Anonymous2:22 am

    My first kiss was actually at some dodgy carpark with this boy i had met about a week prior to the date. What's sad was that he had thought that a can of beer would get me drunk enough to make out and sleep with him. Fortunately, i was very much sober after the beer, he didn't get very far past the kiss, and i decided to do a bit of QC on the boys to go out with, so the other first kisses have been much more pleasant than that one.

  4. I wish you'd do a post on you and your fiance's story!! And I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping for it! <3

  5. Sarah2:52 pm

    I had my first kiss when I was 15. My then-boyfriend and I were sitting at the back of a pretty empty bus.

    The tension was there, and I just went for it!

  6. Anonymous2:09 pm

    how should a girl react when a guy asks if he may kiss her? my first bf asked me that and i said yes which made me feel stupid! lol

  7. I think if someone asks "May I kiss you?" ... the cheeky answer would be.. "why don't you try, and find out."


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