Songs for My Wedding Processional (March In)

Tomorrow evening, David and I will go down to our venue to pay the deposit and finally secure the venue for our wedding ceremony and dinner. Hooray! Will share the date soon. But the Venue, I won't reveal on my blog until after the event itself (for privacy reasons).
It's outdoors, and I am planning to get married with the sun setting in the backdrop. (Fingers crossed no rain!)... And then there will be a banquet (Chinese Dinner) indoors after the ceremony.

In my very basic diagram above (lol).. here's how the procession will be like.

After guests are seated, David walks in and stands at the "Heart":

My 2 Flower girls and 2 brides maids enter from point "XX". Bridesmaids walk down the aisle one by one. Maybe my brother will walk with one of the Bridesmaids. And the best man will walk with my maid of honour... not sure yet, if not, then the best man can walk in with David at the start.

After that, the flower girls walk down together, scattering rose petals down the aisle.

Then it's my bridal march. My Dad will enter from point "XX" and wait for me at point "O". I have quite a long procession, so I need a longish song, or one that can easily loop?? I come in using a runway like decking above the water. Then my dad leads me from point "O" to the front "heart" where the groom is waiting.

Here are the songs I've shortlisted, I will need 1 for bridesmaids and flowergirls, 1 for bride, and 1 for recessional( as we walk away after ceremony).

1 song for Bridesmaids+Flowergirls

In the Arms of an Angel. This video is the Kelly Clarkson version, but I will use the original Sarah Maclaughlan version. It's a beautiful song. And I especially like the very first line. - "Spend all your time waiting.. for that second chance... " But not sure if people will think this is too sad a song?? Like for death?!
Canon in D, sung by young boys choir. This freaking sounds like angels singing lah.. I think in the evening, under the vast sky type setting.. it will be lovely!!!

But I need the first Song and my next song ( Bride's procession) to sorta match, or sound ok one after another... or should they not sound similar at all and be distinct??? I don't have a good ear for that sorta thing. What do you think??

Bride's procession

When I first heard this version of Can't Help Falling In Love With You. I cried. I so want to walk down the aisle to this song. I think it sets the right mood and tone, and it's perfect that way. But I am also scared that it is going to be such an emotional day for me as it is... if I am walking down the aisle, and I see David, I am afraid I might start crying... (and ruin make up!!!).

This song does just the opposite. Makes me smile. It's a nice song, and the exact words when David first ask me to marry him, while we were on the sofa, months ago ( this was before the more formal proposal on Xmas eve), all he said when he looked into my eyes was - "Marry Me."

So it does have significance. But it's a bit too cheery of a tune?? Cos I'm actually looking for a more dramatic walk down the long aisle (not bawling my eyes out type dramatic.. haha.. but the kind where the guests will keep so quiet because the moment has taken their breath away).

I plan to have the Recessional song start playing as soon as David and I kiss. Will that work? As in, is the last part, you may now kiss the bride, and that's the end of the ceremony?
I like L-O-V-E, the Joss Stone version. Happy occasion and good speed to it too, once the bridal party leaves, the guests will slowly head to the banquet room.

This is a nice version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.. I love it because it's beautiful... but will it suit the march out/recessional??

Let me know which of the 2 choices for each category is best. Or if you have other suggestions... etc
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  1. Anonymous5:34 pm

    holly!!! i think that marry me can be used when they show photos of you and david? u know the childhood montage or something if u have? i think it'll be really nice. like happy moments n so.

    use a more 'serious' song for the march in. unless u want a u know, cheerful march in. [just attended my friend's wedding ytd so i kind of u know, have these thoughts.] haha.
    i hope my comments would leave u some space for consideration!
    all the best!

  2. Anonymous9:37 pm

    aren't you a Catholic? will you be having a Catholic mass?

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Precisely..are you not having a church wedding?? Disgrace if that's not the case...

  4. Anonymous12:08 am

    I vote for Canon in D as In the Arms of an Angel is too sad i think, both the melody and the lyrics.
    For the bride's procession, i will pick Can't Help Falling in Love With You as Marry Me is too fast-paced i think, you want to walk slowly in tune with the music, arent you?
    For recessional song, i prefer Love, matches the occasion. =)

  5. Anonymous1:19 pm

    when will winners be announced for the vanity trove giveaway?? It ends today.

  6. Cecilia Teh3:22 pm

    How about "The Prayer" by Cecilia?

  7. Anonymous11:26 pm

    I agree with the choices of Anon(12.08am), though I feel Marry Me is quite suitable as a recessional song too.

  8. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Dear Holly!

    Sorry for my English. We would like to congratule for your wedding from Hungary.
    One of the most popular song in Hungarian wedding is :
    We hope your life will be a dream with David!

    Best reguards!

    Robert, Manyi, little Robert and Gréta

  9. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Hi Holly! I personally like Westlife songs. In fact, there's a few nice songs sung by them :)

    Hear these:


  10. Hey Holly,

    I really like the version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow =) I think March out would be nice to end it with a bang =)

    Maybe it's more suited for the recessional =)

    Good choices of music anyway! Good luck =)


  11. Nice selections.....though I could not help but give this suggestion...

    So Much In Love by All 4 One

  12. Anonymous5:36 pm

    I think I know where your wedding venue is! I'll keep mum till you announce it tho. And if the venue is where I guessed it will, be, its going to be picturesque! Especially at sun set.

    I wish you all the luck with David! And don't worry about the songs. You'll find your perfect playlist.

  13. Anonymous5:28 am

    Thank you for posting this wedding event. I guess it will always be remembered by both the groom and the bride.
    long island weddings

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