Now, It's My Turn

The Total Defence campaign is an annual national effort to remind us Singaporeans of the concept of Total Defence. Last year, you may recall the campaign "Home-Keeping it Together", about every single Singaporean having a part to play in defending our country.
This year, the theme is "Total Defence- It's My Turn". It conveys the message that it is time for our generation to build upon and also to protect what previous generations have done to keep Singapore strong and secure.

Go to to participate in the fun stuff in store for us in this campaign.

A good starting point would be taking the quiz to find out what kind of Singaporean you are! :)
Whether you're the super patriotic flag waving Singaporean... or a complain king... this quiz has 12 different persona (results)... find out which one you or your friends are.
The questions are about various things about being Singaporean, from food to... floods.
Here's my result! I am the Take It Easy Singaporean. And it's true! *paiseh*
You can also click on the tabs - Speak, Eat, Play and Do to look at the informative and cute info graphics which reflect the results of every Singaporean who has taken the quiz so far.

My favourite infographic is SPEAK. It shows the issues Singaporeans talk about, the most common phrases in National Service, etc.
I think SPEAK is a relevant component of this campaign as believe that everyone no matter how big or small, young or old, is entitled to a voice. I am glad that today, our generation has plenty more avenues where we can get our opinions aired. We have blogs, Facebook, online forums and other social media platforms.

If we have opinions about the flash floods, MRT breakdowns, Taxi Fare hikes or poor service, we can make our voices heard. I voice my opinions on my blog and I am often comforted to find that many fellow Singaporeans share my views. And for those who don't, they may offer me a different perspective on the matter.

Click Here to take the quiz and see what kind of Singaporean you really are :) !

Like them on Facebook and then click on the tab in the right hand column. 12 $100 vouchers (to be spent at Capitaland malls) up for grabs.


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    Hi holly,I hope u can spread this around and help these innocent kids


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