Let's Make Our Lives Better, Together

Every little decision you make to live healthier, happier, kinder, more frugally, more cultured, and more considerately can make your life a better one.

In our fast paced society, it's easy to get cattled into the zone where all you do is look straight ahead, push your way ahead of the pack... you see this every morning during rush hour...especially on the MRT trains...
How many of you are guilty of turning your life into one that's no better than cattle being herded to the slaughter house?

Life is too short! Let's make our lives better, together!
The theme for this year's Total Defence campaign is - "Total Defence- It's My Turn". Don't wait around for people to make our country a better place. Let it start with you.

The Total Defence campaign website, itsmyturn.sg , has a platform for events. An event is like a social initiative to make our society a better one. It can be relating to anything from unemployment to health to Love etc. Create an EVENT and LET YOUR OPINIONS BE AIRED.

I just created my own event! It's easy, as it can all be done online in a few minutes.

My event, Sleep In Saturdays is a reminder for all of us to enjoy our weekend. Put aside time for relaxation and a proper rest. Work hard Monday to Friday, but come Saturday morning, make sure you relax, de-stress and spend time cuddling loved ones. The madness and mayhem can wait till Monday.
If you too fell that yeah.. weekends should be for relaxing and unwinding, it should not be jam packed with work, assignments and meetings... then Join my cause and give me your support!
You can log in Via your existing Facebook account (or sign up for a new account) and then Click Participate to show your support!

You can also create your own event. No HomeWork Mondays? Don't Block the Train Doors? What would you like to start? All you need is a creative idea and a simple call to action.
Most importantly... Just have fun with it! :)
You can spread the word about your event through linking it up with your Facebook profile too. Get your friends to support your initiative.. whatever it may be.

While you're on the website, don't forget to also check out the other fun stuff like their little Singlish reference dictionary (with audio!) and their Quiz to find out the kind of Singaporean you are. So, what kind of Singaporean are you? Click Here.

It's your turn.


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