I'm with True Fitness!

On 17 January, the True Group launched its newest Fitness Centre in Tampines. Bianca and I just got memberships with True Fitness and we're psyched to get fit this year. True Fitness has 7 branches all over Singapore (Suntec, VivoCity, Parkway Parade, China Square Central, Great World City, Chevron House and Tampines Junction) so we have not excuses not to get to a gym this year.
I love the new Tampines branch!! It is located on the 8th Floor of the NTUC Income Tampines Junction Building. It's over 24,000 sq feet in size and has a Muay Thai ring, hot yoga studio, a group exercise studio as well as a spinning studio.
There was a Muay Thai demonstration during the opening event and it was awesome.
Can't wait to try out some muay thai classes. They're launching Muay Thai Group Exercise classes at the Muay Thai ring in February this year. Yay!!
And a roundhouse kick competition where the audience were challenged to see who could do the most kicks in 1 minute.
The Tampines branch also offers more than a whopping 150 classes a week. Bianca and I went for the Zumba class on Wednesday.
Everyone is doing Zumba nowadays... seems to be the most happening way to get fit now. It was our very first Zumba class... and oh boy do I have 2 left feet. The moves in Zumba is like a mixture of latin and african beats. Super energetic and loads of fun.
The facility, is spacious and there is ample machines for everyone.
And the changing rooms are fab!
There are over 600 lockers for men and women as well as steam rooms where members can relax before and after sessions.
OMG! I got to meet Keagan Kang, Jourdan Lee and Paul Foster, the celebrities who use True Fitness gyms in Singapore! They were there for the opening launch as well. Super drool worthy! lol
Paul ( from Polo Boys and Deal or No Deal) is so friendly, in fact they all are.

For more details of the new centre and class schedules, you can call 67889555 or visit - www.truefitness.com.sg


  1. Anonymous12:07 am

    Remember your post on being lazy and getting fat and not wanting to work out?? I guess u were just waiting around, hoping that some gym will pick up your hint and give u a free membership instead of having to pay for anything...

  2. Yeah? And my friend Bianca too?? Just waiting around ???

    Getting sponsored for stuff is easy for me.

    But getting motivated to work out isn't. I love the new Tampines gym because its convenient (location).

    Please don't be so bitter.

  3. Sharlyn11:17 pm

    is running shoes okay for zumba? been planning to try out but quite worried about the effect of wrong footwear. thanks!

  4. I m no professional.. but i wld say its ok.

  5. Hi,you can put a stop to those guilty pangs by kicking off a new fitness regime.

  6. Anonymous11:51 am

    Hi, do you still in TF, Tampines?
    Are the services good?
    Do you try yoga too?
    I am wondering about their membership...

    1. I've been bad :( i don't go to the gym anymore.

      Will find some other exercise.

      As for the yoga, yes, i went once, it was not bad.

  7. Zumba dancing is a fun but have health benefits. Zumba applies moves from Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Rumba, Mambo, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Samba, Tango, Reggatone and obviously Hip Hop.


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