Hey You, Ang Moh!

Firstly, I apologise for using the term Ang Moh. I don't like it. It translates to mean- Red Hair. But, not all white people are Gingers (thank god). So, although it's quite inaccurate to label all White people Ang Moh, it's widely used in Singapore to refer to any White person. Hence my title for this post..

So here goes... Hey You, Ang Moh in Singapore...

- When it comes to tanning, build it up a little bit at a time. There's a healthy tanned look... and then there's looking like you dived into a pool of acid.

- Don't whinge about the crowds, or the cost of housing and cars. It's a densely populated, small country. Did you think you were moving to Greenland? (also, it is your presence here that is adding to the country's high density and cost)

- It's a big faux pas to insinuate/ joke/ assume that all Asians know Kung Fu or love Durian or speak Singlish.

- We don't care for your comparisons between our country and yours. Don't run around here enjoying low tax, higher pay, low crime rates, and then turn around and bitch about how "controlled" or "boring" Singapore is. We're not exactly twisting your arm here.

- Knowing a couple of Mandarin phrases does not mean you know the language. So as not to embarrass or offend you, we pretend to be amused, when we all really wish you would just shut up. It's not cute or impressive. There's only so many accented Xie Xie Nis and Ni Hao Mahs that we can tolerate from you. And I'm not even Chinese!

- Don't speak Singlish lah. It is annoying and you sound like a dufus. Don't just add Lahs to your sentences when it's not supposed to be there.


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  2. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Pls lah, speak singlish? Like you do? Case in point: your videos all got fake accent. What's up with that man?

  3. It's DON'T speak Singlish.

  4. well holy, u do realise that moron come in abundant supply, and you can never reply to all the anonymous ones do u..?


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