Christmas Gifts & Freebies With Kit Kat

KIT KAT® has been delighting chocolate lovers all over the world for 75 years. I love their white Chunky Kit Kat... Yum...
This season, the Kit Kat Singapore Facebook page has a Crazy Christmas Prezzies app. It lets you send free fun and naughty Christmas greetings to your Facebook friends.
All you have to do is LIKE the KitKat Singapore Facebook page, and then Pull down the lever on the giant gumball machine!
There are 13 different surprises .. including 6 naughty e-cards, and 3 fun accessories... like this beard. I had to choose a friend to Slap this beard on.... who would like a Santa Beard?? I thought the perfect friend to give it to was Steven Lim. :D
Not that young japanese looking hottie on my Facebook friend's list... but the other Steven Lim. I know he would like this because he has a good sense of humour.
Some simple easy to use editing tools on this app make this beard fit his FB photo. Ho ho ho!!
Click Send... and away it goes to Steven's FB wall! A free. fun and absolutely wicked Christmas Gift for him.
And I was right, he does like it :)

You can keep pulling the lever and there are no limits to the amount of greetings you can send out. If you're lucky, you will even get a freebie KitKat Chocolate bar to send to your friend ( or yourself... heh heh)

This is another of my favourite gifts from the Christmas Crazy Prezzies app.
It's a Magic trick you can send to your friends.
It's interactive and Your face appears as the magician too... so cute!
Like Kit Kat Singapore's Facebook page and Try Christmas Crazy Prezzies today!! :P


  1. Steven Lim is your friend?!!!! Wow... You are really friendly.

  2. yup. he's actually a harmless person, and has a kind heart. sure, he's a little off kilter... but tht's no reason to hate someone.

  3. Anonymous11:57 pm

    cool. tnQ for sharing this. Will go bomb my FB ppl now. lol


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