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The random winner of the LELO sensemotion vibrator giveaway is Valentine Low. Congratulations, please check your email asap.

For everyone else that emailed your entries in, thank you. Sorry I could only have one winner. but next week, there will be a new giveaway... if you like the game Taboo! Then stay tuned because there's a new version out soon!!


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Shout Out:

One of my ex Students, Chea Mean, is selling Clown Fish (yes, Nemo) at only $1.50 each.

If you're interested in fish, or want to start keeping an aquarium (he's selling a package which consists of mini aquarium with salt and anti chlorine stuff plus a pair of clown fish for $10), do msg him directly through his FB profile - (click).


  1. woah.. clown fish. is that a good idea? they need big tanks and corals... i hope they dont kill the fishes >.<

    ive got lots of pet fishes, and i do want the clown fish.. just tt im afraid that a small tank cant keep it alive. sigh

  2. Anonymous10:51 pm

    you don't really need a big tank or corals to keep them alive. just good quality water, and enough space for them to swim. 1feet tank for 2 clowns with some sand and a filter system is good enough. (:


  3. Anonymous10:55 pm

    you don't need big tanks or corals to keep clown fishes.. they're gentle, so they won't kill other fishes and they're salt water fishes, you can't mix them with your typical tropical fish.

    a small 1/2 feet nano tank is good enough to keep 2 to 4 clownfishes. keep the water quality good, feed them regularly, have a filter and an airpump will keep them alive (:

  4. Anonymous3:17 am

    To Anon 10:51pm

    Really? I always though that since clown fish live in marine environment they require a lot more in terms of care & equipments. They are not like the normal fresh water fish people kept as pets right?

    Have you kept them before? Did they trive in the set up you suggested? I would love a nemo or two.

  5. Anonymous7:49 pm

    previously, i had mine quarantined in the set up i'm currently selling.. recovered and back to the main tank..
    my current tank set up is a 2ft tank, with an over head filter, an airpump, live rocks, gravel, anti chlorine sea salt and a lighting system. as simple as that. there are a few demsels, 2 common clowns, 1 carkii clown and a yellow lime angel fish living in it. they're like normal pet fishes.. just that, they live in salt water. (:

  6. pearly12:00 am

    hi hj! enjoyed your article on creative marriage proposals and just saw a "touching" one on 9gag.com! if you're into memes, go check it out - http://9gag.com/gag/530821

    p/s: 9gag.com is sooooo much fun but a huge time waster!!


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