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Hey girls, there's a new lingerie shop now! It's an online shop called aPrivateRoom.com. Shopping for lingerie online can be easier than shopping for clothes. Sizes are specific and we all know our sizes (32B, 34A, 36C?), and even if you do get it wrong, no worries because you can exchange bra products.
A Private Room does not sell just bras & undies but also a wide range of camisoles, sexy lingerie, sleepwear/pyjamas & nighties! You'll find that the prices are pocket-friendly to ladies like you and me.

Here are some favourite pieces that I have....
Blissful lace Nightie in light pink. It actually comes in wide range of colours, including black... but I have a thing for sweet pink nighties. Super soft fabric, the lace is not scratchy at all. Some days I sleep in a singlet and superman undies... other days, I slip on sexy but comfy nightie like this one.
If you prefer a t-shirt shorts combo.. then check out their lounge wear range too. Or if you're planning a more special night with your partner, check out sexy lingerie section.
One of the staples in my wardrobe is this Bra Top Cami in white. It has a built in bra, I mean a proper built in bra, not just a lining. I wear it as a cami top with jeans or shorts usually, but it would also look good under a jacket or cardigan for work. The bra cups are connected onto this top and strap so lifts your bustline naturally. No need to wear a bra on lazy days!I also love the Colour Play Bra and the matching Colour Play Thong. The colourful stripes and hot pink straps make this a very fun set. One unique thing about this bra is the clasp on both shoulder straps... you can unclasp them and crisscross to make it a X back design easily. This is definitely an improvement from the usual hooks on bra shoulder straps. Do check out their range of g-strings, thongs, and undies which eliminates the dreaded VPL!

After purchasing the items you want, they can be delivered to you via normal mail or you can opt to use SMART PAC delivery & receive your purchases to your doorstep the next working day at only $4.20!

This was what was packed for me!
If this is a gift for someone, there is a gift wrap option available at $5 only! They'll wrap your purchase up and send to the address of your gift recipient!

The packaging looks so pretty!! (You can also opt for giftbags ) Perfect for boyfriends or husbands to buy for their partners! No need to even step into a shopping mall & save yourself from those embarrassing stares!

Also useful if you don't actually live in Singapore but want to buy a gift for someone living here.. just sort it out online, and it'll be delivered to her home here.

If you're a girl, you can conveniently stock up on nice undies, or buy gifts for your girlfriends this X’mas!

DISCOUNT for my Readers!

Just Quote ‘Holly’ upon check out to receive 15% discount.

Their prices are already so affordable, so I know you'll have an even better time shopping with a 15% discount on top of that!!


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There is actually one that is running right now - Sleeping Beauty Contest.

1. Like Aprivateroom on their facebook page

2. Look for "Tag & Win Sleeping Beauty" Photo album

3. Just tag yourself onto your favourite piece in that album and stand to win it home!Be a sleeping beauty now! :)


  1. Anonymous5:37 pm

    holly!! i need your help, i was approached by a blogshop photographer but i have no experience in this and thus i do not know what is the normal asking rate. :( how much should i ask for per hour?

  2. Anonymous3:56 pm

    hey holly! what size is the white camisole you're wearing. i'm thinking of getting it, but there's only M,L and XL and i'm afraid that they're too big!

  3. I don't know the normal asking rate. depends on the budget the blogshops have... and also how much $ u think is fair in exchange for ur time/ or other exposure they can get from taking u as their model.
    Mine is Size M, they didn't have size S at that point either. It's not super tight fit, but not too loose either.

  4. I purchased this bra hoping that I could at last find a bra that was invisible under shirts and not annoying to wear. This one...is comfortable to an extent. The plastic straps and back get pretty sweaty and sticky after a while. It's good to wear for a short amount of time, I guess, but not on a hot day or when you want to be super comfortable. I would say it's okay, though. It gets the job done all right. I would recommended Playtex 4139


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