Sweet Gestures & Some Updates

Sometimes, it's the little nice gestures from others which makes your day. Today, the courier man came twice. The first delivery was from Nestlé Singapore. I got all sorts of chocs (Milo, Kit Kat, yums!) and Nestlé goodness in my "I'm NOT a Fun Pack" pack. Lol.. funny twist for National Day

But what really touched me was they bothered to cater to my dog too. They didn't leave Lola out, they gave her her own personalised food bowl, and a bag of dog food that's bigger than her. :)

I also have a whole stack of healthy recipe cards. Here's one for Chawan mushi, which I think a lot of you might like. Click on it for Bigger Picture.

Nestle will be at the HEALTH & YOU 2011 convention at Suntec Hall 402 on the 27th and 28th of August (10am - 8pm). Do check them out if you're in the area.. lots of healthy goodies!


The next courier came with Zuji's overnight bag, also with matching luggage tag and passport cover. So cute! Thankies !


This week in my Get Her column-You can also win $100 vouchers for predicting FA cup match winners (here). Good luck, Have Fun!


It's Kerry's Birthday Month. For the whole of August, theGoldDust is giving away surprise gifts to everyone. For every full amount (Sgd $46) of Brazilian Wax paid for ladies, or (sgd $78) for men, you will receive a gift!


Milly Walker has replicas of the Royal engagement ring... same design as Diana and Kate. If you like that design, you can check it out. :)


Last but not least.. ClubCouture has a new Premium Range of clothes. Do check it out.


  1. Doggyy so cute, I wanna hug it :)

  2. Such a cute expression on Lola! :P
    Yummy chawanmushi - try making that too!


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