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Wonderful brands like Abercombie, Banana Republic and Gap are so ridiculously cheap in their country that it’s really not easy to resist the temptation of succumbing to the now low USD and go on an onlineshopping frenzy.

What deters me from buying American products (albeit the crazy attractive prices!) is that shipping themover to Singapore is a real hassle. Nor would I ever join one of those “sprees”, since I’m not too sure if theyare a 101% reliable.

But I just love my peeptoe sandal heels from AnnYee! They make my legs look slim and long, perfect for those short summery dresses that I practically live in during these hot months. I really need more of these gorgeous shoes, but how should I get them?

Imagine my delight when someone introduced me to vPOST! I suppose now you are wondering what vPOST is?

vPOST is an online shopping and shipping portal by Singapore Post. SingPost is a trusted brand inSingapore.

When you sign up as a vPost member (free!), you will be able to have free personalised addresses in the USA, Europe, Japan and China.

You can then use these addresses when you shop online in these countries. It opens up your shopping experience to more websites... even the ones which don't ship internationally.
I find this useful when shopping from US based websites which don't ship to Singapore or for those sites which offer free shipping within the US, but charge a mad amount of money for international shipping. You can use it for ebay and Amazon too.

It's fuss free to use. How does it work?

It works in 4 simple steps...


Step 2: Shop from your favourite online merchant in USA, Europe, Japan and provide the merchant withyour local shipping address before you check out.

Step 3: Forward the electronic invoice that you receive from the merchant to vPOST. The online merchantwill ship your parcel to vPOST's address and vPOST will handle the rest for you!

Step 4: A payment alert will be emailed to you once your package has been processed at vPOST'soverseas shipping centres.

For instance, I want this hot pair of Truman heels from Michael Antonio, which I cannot get in Singapore but it is available on a US based website called Shoebuy.
I can purchase it as per normal from the US based website, and get it delivered to my personalised American address (given to me by vPost). Not only do I finally get to purchase this fabulous pair of shoes... but this Shoebuy website also offers free shipping within the US, plus I get 26% discount on this pair of shoes. Bonus!!

When my package reaches my personalised American address, vPost ships it directly to my doorstep in Singapore. I save a lot of money on shipping this way and get to enjoy discounts from websites which don't ship to Singapore.
Plus you can consolidate your purchases to save even more money... meaning, you can buy from multiplewebsites, get them all sent to your personalised vPOST address.. and then combine them in one shipmentright to your doorstep in Singapore.

-vPOST offers one of the lowest shipping charges on the first 0.5kg and subsequent step of 100grams.

-You can easily pay for your vPOST shipment via Giro-On-Demand, Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard),eNETS Debit, and PayPal.

Take advantage of the favourable SGD-USD exchange rate and shop in the USA Summer Sale!
for a list of USA based shopping sites featured in the vPOST USA Summer Sale. You will see many ofyour favourite American brands featured there.

The USA Summer Sale is a popular shopping event in the USA (both online and offline). Online merchantsin USA give huge discounts on apparel, gadgets, books, household appliances, cosmetics, etc.

From now till 31 August, when you ship via vPOST, there's a lucky draw. 20 lucky shoppers will win $500worth of vPOST USA shipping vouchers.... And if you pay your vPOST shipping charges with your UOBCredit/Debit Card, you’ll get TRIPLE the chance to win!

So what are you waiting for??

Sign up at now!
Enjoy shopping the USA Summer Sale!!!!! :)

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    what if the website is asking for a credit card with a US mailing address? I tried to buy clothes from topshop uk website, but it needs me to provide a UK credit card.

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