This Is The Life!

Arrived yesterday evening in Phuket Thailand.

Then it was a 1 hour cab ride all the way down south to Nai Harn beach. Staying at the Royal Yacht Club.. and it is Lovely! Blissful!! :)

The room has a gorgeous balcony overlooking the sea... with my own sunbeds. The hotel pool is cool and relaxing too, but I love the privacy of the balcony. Am so glad it's a week long holiday and not a 3 day thing.

Even breakfast this morning overlooked the bay area. The weather is fabulous here.. ok here are some pics... update u soon!

My comfy leopard print grey cami and shorts set is from Olette Lingerie. Perfect outfit for a chill out night in.

Lace top and denim shorts is from theblogshop.


  1. Hey wow so nice!!! But how come photo size so small :S

  2. Gwendolyn4:31 pm

    i'm jumping on the gun here but who did u go on the trip with? another bf?

    i read ur previous posts and i've been following ur blog for quite some time now...and to be honest, i feel really sad for you. to live life drifting from one man to the other, hoping, thinking, u r finding love and giving love a shot. but in fact u r merely serial dating, and the result will almost always be the same. u find something u dun like abt them, they find something they dun like abt u and u guys split. love is imperfect. someone once told me, a successful relationship is not finding the perfect person but being the perfect person.

    holly, it's pure insanity doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. i hope u realise this one day.

    1. Haha I just re visited this post because we are back in phuket for our 3 year anniversary since we started dating. And this first phuket trip was our first one when we just started dating.

      Eat your own words cos I married this one

  3. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Ohh, look like you've found yourself another man to go holiday with? So soon?

  4. Anonymous12:39 am

    Went with some white man who willing to sponsor the trip again?

  5. Hey Missy how is it any of your business who she goes on a trip with why does it matter if she's with another white guy? The dolls that said nasty comments are the ones that are jealous and insecure! It doesn't f******* matter if she's on a trip with a white, black, yellow, pink or brown man! It's not your bloody concern! If you're so perfect then that's good for you but that doesn't give you the right to judge others! Get it ladies? Just leave her the f**** alone if you've got nothing nice to say, DON'T write it on here!

  6. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Abby, think they all meant well and are concern about her that's why they leave all these comments.

    If they can't be bothered or still don't want her to wakeup, then like me, I wont even bother to comment about her relationship.

    Leave it to her how long or how many centuries she wants to realise cos at the end of the day, it's her life and not ours.

  7. CeLestinA1:19 pm

    To Abby
    U dun hv to be so harsh here. Since HJ lives a very open life its inevitable she will invite comments like such frm readers.

    Over the years there hv been very crude & nasty comments frm readers, but at te same time they are some who stood by her too

    She isnt perfect or saint. Neither are we. We make choices & we control our own lives. At the end of the day we are answerable to ourself

  8. Anonymous4:21 pm

    She's generously telling the whole world shes a sl*t.. she likes to expose her life to the whole world hence she welcoming comments. she likes being famous for the wrong reason..

  9. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Now that she didnt exposed the face of her bfs, she learnt a lesson from her previous relationship with mark. Which bf likes his gf to tell the world about bout their relationship and a woman who dress scantily, no respect for her own body, just wanna show off.. hell ya, a 30 year old still dress like a teenager

  10. Anonymous5:34 pm

    It's really sad to see what kind of life you have. Jumping into bed from 1 man to another. Please have some value and respect. You have the looks and body but the way you are destroying your own life is scary and fast. It's none of our business but it reflect so much on what kind of person you are and telling the world how loose can you be. Please Holly, its really shameful.

  11. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Hey Abby, did the comments with the white man say anything negative? If you read it again, it's merely asking. YOU, not those who commented, ARE judging.

    And given Holly's thing for dating white men, cannot ask if she's going with a white guy meh?

    You so angry for what ah? Holly paid you to write angry stuff ah? Like it's your business people said -ve things about damn funny

  12. Nice of Abby to defend HJ but if she were really bothered by such comments, she wouldn't allow them in the first place. Obviously if she is a public figure and puts her life out there on the blog to make a living out of it, these comments are to be expected.

    There's a reason why so many people are commenting on her going on vacation with a guy. There's a pattern to how Holly blogs and does things in her life, so naturally that would be the assumption. There is nothing wrong in saying that it is a high probability she is vacationing with another boyfriend/white man, because honestly, it has happened several times before, and it sure won't be the last time.

  13. HJ,

    You look sunburned in one photo.

    I would be surprised with your knowledge of skin care that your would ever let yourself get sunburned!


  14. Anonymous1:42 am

    woah.. sunbathing naked. Really, is there a need to show that off to everyone? *puzzled*

  15. Wow. I am actually a fan of Holly but I do think jumping from guy to guy with such speed and seeming shamelessness is a bit too much for even myself (I consider myself to be very open minded though at the same time, also pretty private especially when it comes to washing my dirty laundry in public) to take.

    Holly - if you did travel with your new bf, it might have been far wiser for you to wait MUCH longer than just 4 days after announcing your split with your bf before brashly typing out an explicit new post on a lavish and romantic long holiday with yet another new man in your life.

    It's especially sad and shocking because you speak all the time about your desire to settle down, yet you choose to paint such a picture of yourself. Do you really think there's any decent guy out there who's looking for a decent gal to settle down with who wouldn't be scared away from you after reading through your blog?

    Honestly, as I mentioned...I am a fan of your blog..but in the last year or so I have been watching you go through men like a tornado, even documenting your progress along the way and it's getting pretty scary watching you!

  16. Sherin2:38 am

    Her last bf was from HK...and seriously guys, if her life offends you so much, dont read!

  17. Anonymous8:48 am

    If you are so offended by what our comments are, Sherin, don't read it either. I feel we are so disgusted by how easy can Holly be on bed with different men. Such a disgrace for her being a writer for The NSportal on relationships!

  18. Anonymous10:40 am

    Haha...last bf is white man living in HK or Asian boy? If it's Asian boy, then no wonder she not so into him cos he not white.

    And I still want to read even though a lot of her stuff makes me cringe cos it's entertaining how soon she'll jump from one guy to another. I bet you my last dollar she's with a white man in Phuket now. You can say yah, no life cos must read about this kinda thing to be entertained. But yes so? She puts her love life out, so gotta expect back lash of some sort. If not, keep her life private and possibly her legs closed.

  19. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Hang on a sec...Let me guess..she's back with GB??...Mark??
    Skye?? Recycling, cool!

  20. HJ,

    Bel makes some valid comments.

    To many you do indeed appear to be moving on very quickly between relationships.

    Your readers are bound to ask to you take time to reflect upon any lessons learned from previous relations?

    Sexual gratification is only one aspect in a relationship. Friendship, bonding with another, growing the spiritual and emotional bond that allow relationships to last decades is rarely if ever mentioned when you talk about the next bf.

    If you are indeed doing the same thing with only slight variations with each guy, then some serious questions should be asked by you about how ane where you are going with relationships.

    Best wishes.


  21. Anonymous6:41 pm

    well...she *did* split up with him 2 months ago, she only told her readers a few days ago. aiyah whatever makes her happy lah! i just have one thing to say: holly, take care of your skin! no point using expensive whitening products if you purposely go and tan!

  22. Anonymous10:49 pm

    I don't think she recycles ex-es...probably some new white guy cos which ex in the right mind would get back with her after reading her block and knowing how easily she moves on to another dude and then jumps in bed with them??

    If I were a guy, I wouldn't. I would probably disassociate myself cos it's embarrassing to date someone like her.

    I found out an ex of mine dating and screwing around with some easy sluts and I'm mortified not because of jealousy but because I'm so freaking embarrassed that I dated a moron! So nah...I don't think it's recycling ex-es.

    Seriously Holly, you really should do things differently, nothing has worked out so far and you're doing the same routine with different guys. You're really going in circles, it's really not doing you any good, especially when you're so damn open about it on your blog. Some things ought to be kept private perhaps. Don't blog about it, then no nasty comments and judgment.

  23. Anonymous8:23 am

    Such a spg. Cheap sluts I would call it. damn for a 30 yr old and still going out with different men, is sucha a disgrace.. you are not even gorgeous, wear cheapo clothes, and you are a bloody cheapskates.
    All the best with stds and loose vaginal wall.. Ha..

  24. Anonymous8:52 am

    Your holiday looks fab HJ.

    Seriously, ignore all the abusive comments.. so juvenile and idiotic.

    Enjoy your Holidays!

  25. Anonymous6:13 pm

    I'm surprised so many of you feel inclined to leave nasty comments on her blog. what's wrong with you guys?? it's just downright mean to judge her the way you do.

  26. HJ, silent reader for a while now. Feel compelled to defend you. It's ur life, ur enjoying ur youth! We all need to kiss a few frogs before finding our prince. Sometimes it's harder for some while others find 'the one' with ease. Don't give up!

  27. Anonymous3:49 am

    It's fun reading comments from those who think they are so much better. Working life must be tough.

  28. Anonymous5:09 pm

    isn't it obvious? as many of you mentioned she's already 30. what virgin are you talking about at 30? how long does she have to spend "waiting"? if special (ain't sexual) feelings are mutual, then why wait? not like she spends her life at clubs hooking up with strangers and sexing them to see if the "feel" is right, right?


  29. Anonymous12:29 am

    Why are some of you commenting as if she is dating someone new every week ?

    For the last 1 year, she had 2 guys, GB and HK bf. Both were short relantionships, but if she doesn't give it a shot, she won't know how they are really like, right???

    And then before this, it was Mark... for goodness knows how long. I've been following this blog for years. I actually thought they were probably going to get married. Was shocked when it ended.

    Regardless, I find inspiration in the fact that she does not settle for less, and is looking for true love.

  30. Am heading to Phuket with the bf in August! Looking forward to it especially after reading your entry :)

  31. Holly jean, Most of us are happy for you and the fact you have a relationship that if fullfilling and a source of happiness and joy in your life. There are a few small minds that are to nosey and disrespectful of your partners privacy. Even as a blogger you are the one who makes the decisions how much of your own life you will share.

    I am happy for your and still enjoy reading your posts and life adventures!


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