Should you say I Love You too?

Have you ever had someone special tell you that he loves you for the first time?

It feels wonderful, doesn't it. To love and be loved back.

I Love You. It's a simple enough phrase... but oh so powerful, especially the first time you feel it, mean it and say it to that someone special.

Of course the ideal situation if your partner were to say "I Love You" to you, would be to respond with "I Love You Too." And if you're really the charmer, you would say, " I Love You More" ... or even... "I Loved you first."

But you should never tell someone you love them, when you don't. So what do you do when your GF/BF (of two years, two months, or two days?!) says "I Love You" to you for the very first time, and you don't actually feel the same way?

You say:
1. I Like You A Lot but I am not certain about what I feel yet.

People don't fall in love exactly at the same time. It's ok to say, I like you a lot, but I need a little more time for feelings to develop.

2. I Want To Wait Until I really Mean It
This is a good phrase to buy some time, and it is reasonable to use it if you've only been dating a few months. Of course, if this has been a long term relationship of several years, be prepared for your partner to punch you in the nose if you use this phrase.

3. I'm not looking for a commitment
If he/she has misread your intentions... you're casually dating but they think you will get married some day, then you should make it clear to that poor puppy. It won't be the answer he/she wants to hear, and it might not go down too well, but you should never tell someone "I Love You TOO" just to sleep with them or string them along.

4. I Love Me Too
Say that, and then laugh. This will lighten the situation if you don't feel the same but do not want to embarrass your date. Hopefully they will get the message, and back away with their dignity in tack. If you prefer, you can reply with "I love you too... as a friend." (ouch!)

5. Just Kiss
If you are in love, but for some reason you get extremely nervous about saying it, then just kiss your partner tenderly. There's no need for words if the feeling is mutual. ( Note that you will eventually have to say it one day, and if you really find it hard to, then perhaps it's not love that you're feeling??)

However you choose to respond, you should never feel obligated to lie. Lying will hurt the person even more in the end.


  1. Anonymous11:37 pm

    hi holly, just wanted to ask you something (totally unrelated to post):

    i'm really skinny, only a UK 6/8 but i have a huge tummy. i admit i eat whatever i want, whenever i want, and... i don't exercise -shoots self- i'm getting quite depressed over the flab and want to get rid of it desperately! could you suggest some form of exercise that would help me lose the tummy fat, as well as tone the overall body at the same time? and yes, i know it takes time and i'm not expecting miracle results within the first week :) any advice will be much appreciated! :)

  2. Anonymous1:37 am

    is the p.s. i love you bit at the end a hint for yr bf? :)

  3. Swimming (freestyle or crawl.. not the breast stroke).. works wonders if u can keep tht up a few times a week.

    Otherwise, check these-

    @anon 1.37- I have a relationship update to make actually.. something I haven't told my readers yet. Will break the news soon.


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