Patong, Phuket

Loving it in Nai Harn so far. There's really so much more to Phuket, Thailand than Patong beach.But whenever you think - Phuket... you think of Patong.

Patong reminds me a lot of Kuta in Bali. A lot of touting, crowds....

But the good thing about Patong, where I spent the day at yesterday is that it is an entertainment hub, and you are spoilt for choice.... from shopping malls with fast food, to seafood and Thai cuisine... in restaurants upon restaurants all lining the streets and beach fronts. You get your sleazy go go bars and cabarets, yet also many pubs with character, and friendly service whipping up some potent margaritas and other concoctions... (under 200baht a cocktail. About $6sgd!!)

There is also lots to see on the streets just by sitting at any of the pubs. This place really comes alive at night. Quite a treat for the easily impressed tourist (like me).

And yes, I am here with someone special. Some may think that 2 months is too short a time to meet someone new and find happiness after the end of a previously 5month old relationship. But to me, Life is too short to purposely put your self in some sort of relationship exile or purgatory! If you find someone who makes you laugh, has great character, then I say go for it... see where it leads you... make good memories and enjoy the special moments with someone special.

And it's going so well for us so far, but if that gives you a bitter taste in your mouth, then too bad. Grow up and deal with it. You're not going to rain on my parade by leaving abusive comments calling me a slut or whatever. I know what I am. My BF knows what I am. My friends know what I am.

You don't.

Here are some pics from yesterday... snippets of my day (make what you want from it, judge me if you feel that way inclined... but all I want to do really, is share.)

The smell of sausages is wafting up my balcony now... mmm.. time to head down for breakfast.


  1. Hello Holly, thank you for sharing these moments with us, and like everyone has told you, it's your life, you live it the way you want to. I'm glad you found someone special. Here's wishing you the best!

  2. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Holly, I really admire you for being so strong and going out there to have so much fun even after a breakup. It seems that nothing can ever get you down and I hope that one day I can be as strong as you. You really deserve all the love and happiness that you have. xx

  3. Anonymous9:31 pm

    hi HJ, i really like ur lace top.. however i did went to the link u linked.. but couldn't find it.. could u advise where to get it.. thanks much!!

  4. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Hi Holly, i think shouldnt't give up continue searching for your Mr Right. I used to be in n out relationship too but i told myself regardless what happen, i will not stop believe in love and i knew i will be able to find my Mr Right! Did i mentioned that i got married 2 years ago ! :) good luck to you !

  5. Kudos to u for living a happy life, Holly :) despite the negative and abusive criticisms from the public. it's not easy living a life like urs. I'm in're right, life is too short to be unhappy all the time and to limit yourself. The purpose of life is to be happy when u can.
    I love ur positive energy in living a great life :)

  6. Trust your instincts and like what you said life is short..You should enjoy and cherish the moments and be happy

  7. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Holly, you're 31..Get Real, Get A life..Stop living a dream. Act your age for you're certainly beginning to look it. Also, perhaps you should just admit that you smoke.I am of the same age as you but certainly not as frivolous and i do not try to act cute.It's amazing how you hop so quickly from one guy to another. You bring a whole new meaning to the word relationship. Or is this just about sexual gratification?
    If that's how you want to be remembered then so be it. It demeans the morals and values which your folks have inculcated in you.
    I have no ill intentions, i sympathize with you and would like to talk sense into you however you probably think i'm one of your many haters. Honestly, when your readers bother to pen such comments like mine, it's because we cringe watching this smart and beautiful girl fall apart and wreck her life at the hands of some white men.

  8. Anonymous6:31 pm

    I think the only thing you are doing wrong is addressing the haters. I wouldn't even acknowledge someone that didn't want me to be happy. Have a good time, be happy and man, that David guy sure is lucky!
    SH from FB

  9. Anonymous12:23 am

    I don't see how she is "wrecking her life" by dating a new man everytime. She's 31, does she have to 1-2 years before committing in another relationship? A man left you, you move on. Simple as that. I deem myself as a conservative person but afterall she's enjoying herself, being with who she likes and vice versa, earning her own money and finding the perfect man in them. Good luck girl.

  10. Anonymous12:33 am

    Never give up searching HJ!

    I myself has had many BFs in the past tht turned out to be assholes. Many friends questioned my judgement. I also wondered how come I am so jinx.

    But then one day I did end up finding the right one who treated me right, and love.

    I have a 2 year old now, although I started very late at 36. But I am so happy and still in love.

    All the best, your readers want to see you happy.

  11. Anonymous5:08 pm

    wow anon 12.33am, ur inspiring!
    I love that in here, some people are willing to share their personal stories of life.

    Age is just a number, seriously. just because holly's 31, doesnt mean she has to act the age u deem right (at anon 12.53). I guess ure the one that have to grow and learn that there are in fact different people with different views and outlook of life. we r at this modern age now where anything is possible. if her readers arent happy, then that's their problems, not hers.

    HJ reader


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