Holly & Kayla Go To Universal Studios

Last Saturday, my twin sister Kayla, and I embarked on a quest to satisfy our desire for WhiteCastle burgers an adventure!

We made our way down with the Crizal crew (that's including all the other Crizal ambassadors too!) to Universal Studios Singapore, on Sentosa.

I had my new Crizal glasses on for this adventure. It was a blasting hot Saturday morning. I had no problems as my Crizals are non reflective and keeps glare out. But poor Kayla... she didn't have Crizals.We headed straight to the Sci Fi zone for the Battlestar Gallactica ride. My favourite! It has cockscrews, and massive drops into pits of mist so you can't actually see the bottom!

After looking at the structure, Kayla didn't want to go on it. But the Crizal Crew were all game for it! We took both the Human as well as the Cylon versions of this ride. If you do go, you MUST get the front row! Yippeeee!!
When I got off it... I realised that my glasses were fine, no smudges or water droplets from the mist during the ride... BUT... the ride was so fast that my blue headband flew off my head! Kayla was very smug and said I derserved to lose my headband. (Sourgrapes!)

But what a thrill it was! (It's ok.. my headband is only $2 from Daiso!)

Next we went over to the other thrilling ride in the park- the Mummy indoor high speed rollercoaster. This ride was in the Egyptian corner of the park.
I love how Universal Studios recreates the feel of each area so well, that it really feels like your walking into ancient Egypt... or Far Far Away Land, the streets of New York, Madagascar, or the Jurassic Park.
The Carousel ride in Madagascar is soooo cute. We went on it towards the end of the adventure....

My Crizals are still holding up fine, still crystal clear... no dust or smudges or scratches... despite the rough and wild day.
Before we ended our adventure, the Crizal Crew decided to take one more ride... a wet one.
(Took Photo above from Jermaine. Thanks!)

It was such a fun adventure, and I made so many new friends.....

Though I think Kayla has a different story to tell (!!!).

Live Life In The Clear. With Crizal Lenses by Essilor.

P/s- Pretty soon, I'm going to run a contest on my blog so that one of my readers can Live Life In The Clear too. Crizal will sponsor you a pair of their lenses and spectacle frames. I love sharing great experiences with my readers. Hopefully I'll find the time to run the contest next week. Stay tuned! Yay!


  1. Anonymous11:05 pm

    omg holly, you look really really REALLY beautiful! i think you look really great in specs and not many ppl actually look better in specs!

    photogenic ;)

  2. Anonymous8:26 am

    ur twin dont look like you

  3. This was a great post, even though its an ad!

  4. Anonymous2:10 pm

    haha...such a cutie, Holly! I like the last pic :)

  5. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Holly's uglier twin is Maggie Q...

  6. is dat ur real twin, HJ? or is dat some gimmick for the crizal ad?? :D

    Whats ur relationship update, HJ??? Cmon spill the beans! cant wait >.<

  7. of course not real twin. :)

    Will spill beans next week.

  8. HJ,

    What a great fun day!

    You and Kayla are so beautiful!

  9. what a nice ad post :) you almost had me fooled with the twin thing :)

  10. Anonymous12:35 am

    may I date kayla??

  11. awesome! i wanna join the contest too! :p

  12. Anonymous1:39 pm

    an identical twin :)


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