Random Pics

Here are random pics taken of my camera and mobile the past week... snippets of my life...

I take a pic of Lola most mornings when I wake up next to her. Sometimes she's still fast asleep like in the pic above.

Sometimes, she's already awake, lying there looking at me and patiently waiting for me to open my eyes. It's quite an adorable sight to wake up to.

Random snap of my happy nail. I change my nail polish colour a couple of times each week. But I never spend money getting it done by a manicurist. It's like a hobby of mine.... doing my own nails is not a chore at all. I do it before bedtime usually, and trained myself to sleep without messing the wet nails up.
My weekend was a lazy, chill out one.

Odd shot in my camera roll... lol. My slip on crochet espadrilles were from Cotton On... love them. But they got stinky so fast. :( Must remember to pop them into washing machine. I picked up new stuff from theblogshop last week too... I went to the city plaza outlet. A lot of you keep asking me where this is... so here's what it looks like... it's on the third floor, corner.