Men Shouldn't Wear Speedos!

What should guys wear to the beach or pool???
Girls, what do you think of men in little speedos? Turn on or turn off??


  1. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Not fully a turn off but i prefer them in boxers

  2. Anonymous7:39 pm

    holly....please blog more about lola! i really like her :p

  3. HJ,


    Men should NEVER, NEVER wear speedos.


  4. Anonymous9:57 pm

    hey Holly,

    I've been a long time reader of yours, and enjoy most of your posts.

    However, this post is just really mean because you start off by telling men/boys what NOT to wear, and when you finally tell them what they CAN wear, they have to look a certain way - i.e. very hot, not scrawny, no pot belly.

    Then what happens to these categories of men/boys? You didn't offer any suggestion(s)!

  5. Interesting that this post is a videocast instead of your usual blog entry. Are you making it a regular thing? If you are, may I suggest a better recording area cos I could hear motorcycles in the background.

    On a related note, I agree that speedos are too revealing. Boardshorts are a safe choice. I would go with boardshorts.

  6. I'm not big on speedos 'cos I get embarrassingly self-conscious looking at men wearing them. Have u seen Austin Powers, the bit about trying to ignore the mole, but it's just sitting on someone's face? When I see a guy in speedos, I don't want to look down, but for some reason I can't help myself (and not in a good way, it's the sort of dilemma I get with roadkill, 'don't look, don't look...oh but I just can't help my..ARGHH.'

  7. Holly,

    For the first time, I would have to disagree slightly with your vidcast.

    I suppose your video is referring to guys who are single? no?

    I reckon married/attached men can't really be bothered with their outfits. So they don't really give a hoot.

    On the other hand, it would be really difficult to swim with swim-shorts. Slows down one's speed.

    So what is a guy (scrawny/fat) to wear if he wants to do some 30-50laps? I think it's a little too anal to expect them to come in full suits. haha

    You did make a point about heading to the beach with beachshorts, it's really weird to see guys in speedos at the beach. But in SGP, most of those who are in speedos are the caucasians. Strangely.


  8. Anonymous10:32 am

    Seriously, must you put up a fake accent?? You don't even talk like that on S Factor...

    So wannabe but you know what? You're just a "never-gonna-be"

  9. Train at the pool few times a week and almost every time I notice men in speedo's. I think speedo's are perfectly ok for the pool... Do u really expect men to do lap swims in boardshorts?!! We are talking serious (not necessarily elite/ competitive) swimmers here, not those merely lazing around soaking like you.

    And what's with the condescending tone with regard to pot-bellied, scrawny men? How would u feel if u were plus-sized and a man says u should not wear a certain form of swimsuit cos you're an eyesore? Grow up!

  10. Agreed. But what is with the accent?
    It's so easy to call out Singaporeans with fake accents. Certain words sound so unnatural...

  11. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Where do you buy those clothes hanger racks that are behind you in the video?

  12. i wear wavelength to e pool...

    turn off??? =D


  13. Anonymous11:13 pm

    You are just being narrow-minded again! Read and think more before you talk.

  14. Anonymous8:06 am

    Right after seeing this videolog, that fat ugly guy who wears speedos will go to his blog to do a video about why women above the age of 20 should never wear usagi headbands at any time or occasion. Because it's just not sexy and not cute unless you're some vivi magazine doe eyed japanese sweet young thing.

  15. Anonymous12:38 pm

    People like you give those girls who date caucasians a bad name..(eg; babarella posh beckam from the noose) i date a caucasian, but i certainly dont speak like that. my bf understands what i speak( my singapore accent), his family understands mine too. That is why we are sterotype as SPGs becos of you girls trying to fake an accent..

  16. I *love* babarella. Lols.

    Anyway, clothes rack from IKEA.

    @D-Guy - Wavelength!! OMG!! I remember that brand from Secondary school where we all had to go for swimming lessons!

    Usagi hairbands are perfect for keeping hair away from face, I use them everytime I don't wash my hair.

  17. Anonymous9:25 pm

    I didn't know you speak with a slight British accent...

  18. Anonymous1:34 pm

    my boy (in 30s) wears his speedos to the pool for laps, n he looks absolutely yummy in them:)

  19. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Hey, it is a free country. People can wear whatever they like or please. U have no right to judge or criticize them. The bottom line is it's none of your biz.

  20. Anonymous4:34 am

    Absolutely, and just so we don't have a double standard here, fat boards should never be seen at the beach in a bikini either, right? Or, just to keep things even, no women over 120 pounds should ever wear a two-piece. Who wants to look at that? Let's go a step further, is the bikini comfortable and allows freedom, or do you just wear it to be seen? The speedo is extremely comfortable, allows a man to enjoy swimming, and is better for tanning, but, hey, let's keep things in perspective! There's nothing uglier than seeing a size 7 chick in a bikini. Outlaw the bikini to any woman over size 3. Oh, by the way, a hail dented ass is by far worse than any fat guy enjoying his freedom at the beach in a speedo!


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