Asia Pacific Breweries invited me to BEERFEST ASIA 2011 on Friday. Even though a nice ice cold beer ranks within the top 5 of my list of favourite drinks, I've never been to a beer fest before.... (The Peach Bellini and lychee martini and grasshopper coming in top 3 now, then Beer at number 4!).
I wore a new hot pink ribbon top from Bellezabebe . (Look out for the promo code on my blog this Tuesday)BeerFest is pretty awesome. It's like a huge party. I should have brought my mom! She loves good beer.I taste tested some of APB's beers ( 29 in total actually!!!) ... in this picture, we have Birra Moretti which is Italian, Biere Larue from Vietnam ( looks like Tiger ah), and I tried a Mongolian beer too.. called Sengur. All of APBs beers are showcased and sold at their BeerPort. With beers from 18 different countries... it's like a taste test around the world.

I was looking to find a lychee beer from another exhibitor that I heard was good.. but I walked around and could not find it :(

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful night... Singapore skyline with the flyer and Marina Bay Sands make such a pretty backdrop to this event.

Tonight (19th June) is the last night of Beer Fest. It's at the Marina Promenade ( where the Flyer is ).

Glug glug glug...


  1. Anonymous9:57 pm

    did you edit your photos? i saw you in real life, you have thunder thighs

  2. @Kuen- Erm.. for me yes. But in general no... it's not a free flow event.. (WOULD BE MAYHEM if it were!)

    @anonymous- nope I don't edit any of my blog pics, I don't use photoshop (and don't know how to). But yes, I agree, I do have fat thighs!

  3. No fat thighs4:27 am

    HJ? Thunder thighs???! :S No way! Ok, I've not seen her in real life but in all the pics, she's skinny, even the thighs.

  4. Holly's legs in real life are great, where got thunder thighs?

  5. Holly got no thunder thighs; really great legs.

  6. Anonymous4:40 pm

    HI Holly .. sorry you did not manage to find us .. do check out of FB for more info :)

  7. Anonymous4:50 pm

    @Hsiaoshuang: maybe your standard for a pair of great legs is just too low.

  8. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Zzz.. I saw her in bandage skirt and it shows thunder thighs.. even she admit ok. If you think she doesnt have then its your business. I will take care of mine..

  9. Anonymous8:24 am

    @anon maybe ur just sad jealous trolls

    It's not nice to be so mean, even if ur anonymous. Ppl have eyes and can look for themselves. You think because u post a few comments here repeating "thunder thighs", then we readers are so stupid , we just believe you?


  10. Dear anonymous (I could not approve your comment as you said mean things about my friend, whom you do not even know).

    I would like to answer you, so I have pasted ur comment below, But replaced the mean things you said with XXXXX. I hope you don't mind.

    Like I've said many times before, I don't mind crticism directed at me, but comments being mean to my family or friends, I will not approve. Those comments will be filtered out.

    But here's what you said:

    "oh com'on dont bring in the jealous thing.. it's just my 2cents when i ask if she edit her photos because i saw her the other day with a bandage skirt. oh ok, you want me to blame it on the bandage skirt then, because they have tendency to slide up as you walk.. ok suit you

    why should i be jealous? i'm a size 6 and i have nice toned slim of legs. ok gimme another 10 years maybe i will have thunder thighs too..

    oh yes! in additional to that, i have meaner things to say with regards to saying her thighs are huge. I saw her on a friday( the same day i saw her in bandage skirt) with a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.. i wonder if he's her current bf. Because if not she look like a total social escort(just to sound high class a little). I mean its a friday night and i could see they are rather akward together, not holding hands, the guy walking a few steps in front of her.. and if he is not her bf? then not going out on a friday night with your bf? erm? I dunno, but the they doesn't seem 'just friends' to me.. ok, this is not to attack holly jean but the caucasian guy thats with her, i feel like bashing him up, hey fcuktard, what's wrong with you, if you want to bring people for a date stop acting like you doesn't know her, you know. He has a really bad non verbal body language and rather rude i would say.

    shouldnt you be out with your bf or cuddle up with your bf on a friday night?

    ok, i will try to be nicer, no doubt she has a cute face and her hot pink outfit compliment her tanned skin. Happy?

    and ya,i would like to say, Holly you deserve better! "

    My reply to you is- Congratulations on your tiny body. I never said you were jealous of me, nor have I denied that i have fat thighs. I understand that your retort was directed in response to someone else's comment earlier.

    That wasn't my BF you saw with me on Friday night. My BF is in HK.

    Of course I wasn't holding this guy's hand, as he is only a friend. A mutual friend of my BF's and Mine.

    As to his body language, and walking ahead of me... I don't know.. but it certainlt does not deserve ur judgement.

    Were you part of tht group who recognised me and one guy waved? If so, I should let you know that many of my friends do get uncomfortable around me when ppl start staring or paying attention. Put yourself in their shoes, and try to understand when they walk further away from me etc.

    And no, I am not a social escort. Nor was I paid to go out with my own friend. And like.. why would someone pay thousands for a social escort... and walk around a heartlands mall ?!?!!

    I met my friend there after the beer fest party by the flyer, hence I was still wearing my bandage skirt and pink top... did not mean to offend your sight with my fat thighs and also look like a hooker. My friend himself has been drinking elsewhere (not with me) before this quick meet up.

    Hope this clears the air. And please remember for future comments, hurtful remarks against my friends, family or BF, will never be approved.

  11. Well done HJ. The old HJ - the one who answers critics in her own mature and classy manner is back.

  12. Anonymous12:39 am

    Oh yes thanks for your oh so classy reply.. well, everyone is being judge within seconds of first impression.. oh well. Goodluck then


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