Volkswagen new Polo GTI


Volkswagen's New Polo GTI has just been launched! Speed's got a new beat! Watch this video to listen to the new beat... :)

That's the new Polo GTI... featuring Dharni, Singapore's beatboxing prodigy.

Now, Volkswagen has a cool beat boxing game online. Can you groove your way to cool prizes?
How to play?
It's a beatbox type game. All you need to do is listen to the music, and then hit the corresponding key when the coloured markers (circley things) reach the corresponding holes.

Hit 2 markers in a row to start a combo ( and increase your score!).

1 Winner gets a weekend drive with the new Polo GTI & a GTI goodie bag
14 consolation prize winners get a GTI goodie bag.
Hurry. Contest ends 8th May 2011!

If you want to check out the new Polo GTI in person, go down to the Volkswagen Centre Singapore (you can book a test drive through the VW Centre via the website) .


  1. HJ,

    Personally I prefer the Ford Focus Titanium with the 1.6L ECT.

    Nicer trim, better ride and very composed chassis.


  2. VW Enthusiast9:48 am

    I think you have to compare an apple with an apple, Ford Focus Tit Vs Gold GTI would be a good comparison.

    I owned a Golf GTI but also getting another 2011 Polo GTI, waiting list is about 6 to 8 months before i could get my hands on it. It's a long wait but fun car to drive around town (totally worth it).

  3. Anonymous3:46 am

    I booked a 5dr Polo GTi from a PI before VW decided to even launch this car in SGP. Did not like the panaromic roof system as its heavy and adds weight to the top which brings up the C.G of the car. I having the original Tartan GTi fabric seats instead of the Suede with heating system. Collecting car this Sept!


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