Some Food. And Boats.

I took my BF for a romantic dinner date to Nazt (pronounced NEST).. like 3 weeks ago and I totally forgot to tell you about it.. until i came across the pics when uploading my SD card onto my comp.I wore my black dress from Tailored Philosophy . It actually has sparkly bits on the material.. but the camera didn't pick it up...

We started our evening with their cocktail of the month. (Only $8 each !).
This month, their special cocktail is the Grasshopper. OMG I LOVE THIS DRINK! I highly recommend you should try it! P/s - this is not an advertorial, or a food review... so I won't be telling you everything about this place, but you want to know more, go directly to their website

I loved was the hokkaido scallop and their Mint Infused grape dessert. The Mint Infused Grapes came with the best kalamansi (lime) sorbet I've ever tasted! It was made by the chef hmself, it's not some factory made sorbet. My main course was the Yorkshire pork belly... hmmm... I found it a bit bland. So you can give that a miss, choose something else if you go there. But the grape dessert and that Grasshopper cocktail is a MUST!!

Quite a nice dinner place.... Nazt is at 54/56 Club Street.


Oh.. I am so in love... with boats.

We went to a boat party at Keppel last Saturday... I loved it!
I even dressed for the occassion. I love dressing to a theme!! (Even when it's self imposed.. lol) My head band is $2 from Daiso, and my Nautical inspired top is from .
This boat had 3 decks man. And.. I dunnoe how many bedrooms (cabins?). It's bigger than my own home.... or most people's homes actually. I should have taken more photos! (but my camera battery flat! Urgh! So I left it in the car.)

BTW, I know every picture I am holding booze.. but I didn't drink that much okay.. was merely coicidence, and also I don't like putting my drink down at parties. haha

I don't think I will own a boat... though... way too expensive. The one I liked.. which I saw docked nearby to this boat was one with huge Porthole windows, and I peeked inside and it was gorgeous! OMG... But the price tag was $11 million... no kidding. :(

I want to go sailing.


Btw, don't forget the Ultimate Ettusais Make Over happening this Saturday!!

I going dinner with my mom & dad now. TTYL


  1. I dun think anyone's gonna spike your drink at a private party right?

  2. Anonymous10:11 pm

    haha what happened to your english here?

  3. @kuen - Haha.. no ... i dont put it down because I will forget which is mine, and might pick up someone else's! :) Not afraid of being drugged lols :D

    @anon - ha... I know! Just realised all the typos and errors.. Was doing it super fast before heading out for dinner. :)

    as for the title.... tht's on purpose. Like a lazy random title.. some food. then as an after thought... I added And Boats. LOL

  4. Anonymous11:04 am

    When you take your boyfriend to dinner. Does that mean you pay?

  5. ?

    means he doesnt have to plan or pay.

  6. Anonymous9:00 pm

    What car does your BF drive?

  7. Anonymous9:01 pm

    ok, just wondering. That's a really nice thing for you to be doing, i think girls should do that once in a while :)

  8. Hah you should be afraid if i'm at the party! :P


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