My Weekend

Had a super fun weekend!

On friday, my Bf took me to Universal Studios Singapore (I've been there twice before but the BattleStar Galactica ride, however you spell it, was not running back then). And so when we entered the park, that was the first ride I dragged my BF to.
We Loved it! One was more of a typical high speed roller coaster.. then the other one ( there are 2 side by side) was a leg danggling one... will cockscrew tracks.. and damn deep plunges into FOG!!! SO fun! It was off peak so we didn't have to queue long for these rides (10 mins max!)

After USS, we went to the pool at Rasa Sentosa. We were not hotel guests... luckily we didn't get kicked out. Look at my nice tannnnnn!

Then we went to Suburbia (also on Sentosa) for an early dinner. The foie gras there is not nice. But the lobster bisque is very nice and creamy. Next time I'll just have that and skip foie gras there.


Saturday was the Ultimate Ettusais Make Over Challenge.. and it was a whole lot of fun.

I will blog about the event soon, and show you a video of it too (err.. i need a bit of time to edit first). I will interview the winners too. If you were at the event and want any pics from my FB Album for your own use, feel free to use any of them :)

All the candid event pics from my camera are uploaded on FB, Click HERE.

( Don't forget to Tag yourselves in the photos! And be my FB friend if you're not one yet!).

It was so nice to meet the girls, and I was very happy to see them having a blast.

You can check out the event photos from the ettusais FB album (Click here) ... do LIKE them and be a fan too.
Special thanks to for my dress, Citrusox for my tights and Xquisis for my nude heels.


Then after that, my BF picked me up and we went for a quick beer and pizza on Emerald Hill... love Ice Cold Beer.

Then we watched Pirates of the Carribean..... It was not bad... but I enjoyed Fast and Furious muuuuch more! Whatever you do, don't watch The Priest! SO DAMN BORING and bullshitty. I took my BF for his first Gold Class cinema experience last weekend, and I unknowingly booked the priest. What a let down!

Today, we had a lazy Sunday... didn't do much, had buffet lunch at Kuishinbo (again... I cannot spell). Was pretty good. Wide selection. Sashimi was fresh... pity they don't have oysters though. I am craving oysters now.

I think my BF is trying to make me fat. When we were in the car, I pointed out that my tummy has started to overlap the seatbelt now when I am seated and belted in... and instead of being mortified (like I was), he reached over, rubbed my belly and said he liked it! OH GOSH!!! It's like those wives who secretly buy ugly clothes for their husbands so they'll be unattractive to other women. hahahahahaaa

But on a more serious note... I tend to pile on weight on my butt first. And yes, it has already happened... my shorts are tighter now. So will have to start working out more diligently now. :( I feel tired just thinking about it! Nites!


  1. Anonymous5:04 pm

    no more expat's life huh? had to cheekily use the hotel swimming pool for free. what a shame! that's what you taught your students back in school?

  2. Anonymous8:31 pm

    I thought the visuals in Priest were stunning! Storyline and script could have been better though. Btw... if u don't mind me kpo-ing abit... where is your bf from? :P

  3. Anonymous10:24 pm

    I know you are sour about downgrading to a hongkie without a high flying job. You are trying to pretend you like the road trips a lot, but actually you are not, admit it. haha

  4. Anonymous11:09 pm

    you sound happy :)

    love that bubbly cheerful vibe i'm getting from this post!

    good for you! :D

  5. Yep holly u sound happy n i am happy for u! :) Haha 10.24 anon u are sour cos u have been chased away from a hotel pool cos u were an eyesore in your bikini/ trunks and no one, even an unemployed bum wld take a second look at u let alone take u on a roadtrip... Poor thing

  6. Sorry about the haters, but this is a beautiful post.

  7. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Huh? You mean you're not dating a Hongkie? Not white man? Nothing wrong with dating white guys since we have so many expats but I'm just curious since you were dating mostly white guys.

  8. Didn't realize they had a BSG ride at Universal Singapore; I am a big fan.

    Re: Pirates, did you wait until the credits ended to catch the 'hidden ending'?

    Re: your tan. That's one hawt pic, Holly! :)

  9. Anonymous2:43 pm

    whats wrong with dating white guys? i've dated chinese, malay and now a white guy and i find they all behave d same..

    most important in a relationship is to always keep it alive, interesting so u wont get bored with each other..

  10. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Hi Holly! Just curious, which ride did you take on BSG, blue or red? Do we get to choose or?
    I recall you mentioned it being SO fun! But scary too, right?

  11. I took both. the one with ur legs dangling is even better!

    But if u intend to ride on both, do the "human" non dangling one first. Then after tht do the more jialat one.

    good scary.

  12. Anonymous11:52 am

    oh, great! thanks! :)


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