My Island Escapades (Plus Contest for Best Holiday In The World!)

I've had many Island Escapades.... one of my earliest escapades was years ago when 4 of us flew in a private cessna over to Tioman. What was supposed to be a day trip ended up being 4 nights on the island!

This was because we went in November (November- December is Monsoon season!) and the weather wasn't clear enough (It's quite a distance to fly in a little plane with one propeller from Tioman back to Senai!) so we decided to stay.
Living on the island (with no spare change of clothes!) was indeed an interesing experience. But you know what? We enjoyed it!

There's a certain care-free feeling about being on an island escapade. Lounging on the beach, where the smell of the sea makes me sleepy. I would nap for a while then jump in the clear cool water to wake myself up. I would drink from the freshest coconuts (not plucked by myself... they do have shops there!) and bask in the sun all day. Come night time, we would fall asleep to the sound of the gentle waves.

After that one experience, I was hooked on island getaways. So every year, there would be at least one island escapade. I've been to Bali a few times. I love the beaches there, and that's where I learnt to surf (I am not that good at it.. kwa kwa kwa).Then I started exploring other islands as well. When in Krabi a few years ago, my ex bf (skye) and I loved the Phi Phi islands.

I also spent 2 Christmas seasons in Phuket.
Phuket is a popular holiday destination. Some times I think a bit too popular... because it's a race to get a good spot on the beach every morning.

But despite the crowd, I love lying on the beach and looking up at the fluffy white clouds in the vast sky above.
And getting kisses from my baby elephant friend never fails to make my day.
But, while Phuket still good fun... it has lost a lot of its charm because it's very developed, very busy and commercialised now.

I think my next island escapade will be Nikoi Island! I've only learnt about Nikoi island recently, through a contest Tiger Beer Singapore is running.

Nikoi island would make a perfect island escapade because it's untouched, natural, tranquil, oh so beautiful and best of all very exclusive.

Look at it!!!!
Nikoi is a 15-hectare island located about 8km off the east coast of Bintan Island in Indonesia. It is easily one of the most stunning islands of this region.

Omg! So enchanting! If I ever do end up on this island with my BF, I will look for this exact spot. Sit there with him and watch the sunset (or maybe sunrise). Perhaps this will be the spot where we'll say I love you for the first time. Oh.. I am such a die-hard romantic!! But this spot really does look perfect for something like that.

In this contest (which ends 31st May 2011!) you can Create Your Very Own Private Escapade on Nikoi Island with Tiger Beer!
Tiger Beer will give one lucky beer drinker and his/her 14 friends the “Best Holiday in the World” and the opportunity to create their own private island escapade worth $50,000.
Tiger Beer will take over the entire Nikoi Island for 3 days, 2 nights. The 15-villa resort will be crafted to suit the whims and fancies of the winner and friends, creating a unique holiday experience like no other!

You can choose between a ‘Beach DJ Party’, a ‘Beach BBQ’ or a ‘Beach Camp Fire Dance’ to be organised during the island getaway. Plus of course there will be a free flow of Tiger Beer! (Drink responsibly okay!)


It's easy.

Before 31st May, simply purchase $30 of Tiger Beer in a single receipt and enter your name, contact information and receipt number in the Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook page. CLICK
You can purchase Tiger Beer at all participating bars, hotels, clubs, entertainment venues, restaurants, all major supermarkets as well as 7-Eleven, Cheers, Fairprice Xpress, Caltex and SPC outlets. However, the promotion is open only for persons above 18 years old. Receipts will need to be retained in order to claim the prizes.

For more information, log on to TigerBeerSingapore on FB.

Goodluck! (And if you win, must invite me ok. Don't be stingy. You can choose 14 people to take along with you!)


  1. Urrrghhh! No Spare change of clothes!! The only time i did that was back in army but not willingly of course. 3 days in my dried sweat green, i smelt like expired salted fish :P

  2. Anonymous6:37 am

    your blog is full of ads now........ :( i can't read a post without having an advertorial included..... :(

  3. I love beach holidays! Shd be heading to Phuket this year!

  4. hi anonymous. wld just like to clarify tht this nikoi island contest is not a paid ad

    i m taking part in the contest. n i am passing this info to my readers so they can take part cos its an awesome prize (in my opinion).

    but as for posts labeled "advertorials" those are paid. i need to make a living. hope u dont feel too offended by tht need.

  5. Just be thankful there are no pop up Ad :)

  6. HollyJean,

    Your travel adventures are fun.

    However the aircraft in the picture is a Piper aircraft not a Cessna.



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