Monday Shout Outs

HWL is having a fukubukuro lucky bag promotion ! It's a japanese concept.. where you pay one price and you will get a mystery bag of items.

HWL's fukibukuro lucky bag is $19.90 and consists of minimum one apparel , one GWP bag , one korean stationary and one beauty product. This is great value.. because usually one bag from HWL is about $15 to $29.90!

I received my fukubukuro mystery bag... and in it... I got a fred perry 2-way sling bag.

Can hand carry... or use the longer strap for a sling. This bag is waterproof too. Will be great to put my gym stuff in.

A multicoloured body con type dress.

And sooo cute note book and pen! Some double eyelid stickers (but I don't use these.. so will prob give to my friend).

Get your fukubukuro bag from HWL :) They're also having a lucky draw now for all purchases. Go check their site for more details.

There's a blogshop called Lilies of e Field.. (loef for short) and they're looking for the Loefan of the Year.

To be chosen, all you need to do is snap a photo of yourself wearing an item from Loef, email it to and once the photo is uploaded on the Loef Fan page on FB, get as many of your friends to 'like' the photo.

1st prize: $800 cash + $300 Loef vouchers;
2nd prize: $400 cash + $200 Loef vouchers;
3rd prize: $200 cash + $100 Loef vouchers PLUS weekly prizes for voters and participants!

DressingDollies has just launched collection 7. Maxi skirts in 3 colours (nude, pink and green)... can be worn as tube dress too... I like this material.. it falls very nicely, it's figure flattering.

Safari like skorts... are super cute.. (I think there are 2 other colours too.. IIRC). Comes with a leopard print sash. Girly flirty dresses too... in a few colours. The sash is reversible for a contrast colour... nice casual length.

The weather has been so ridiculously hot... I brought Lola to the groomers and had her coat cut real short.
I love my dog... she has such a fabulous temperament. She even waits patiently while I film my videos.


  1. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Are your nipples sticking out through that pink dress??

    Heh... :P

  2. no. I was wearing a bra

  3. Lola is pretty cute. Did it take a long time to train her? My boyfriend loves dogs, and i'm not a big dog lover. did you always love dogs?

  4. Where did u bring Lola for her haircut? :)

  5. @ Jess- yes. I've always loved animals. especially dogs.

    Cats.. not so much... but I don't hate them.

    @AUdrey- to the closest groomers in my vicinity. Pet Stop at Elias Mall.

    They charge according to size. Full grooming (hair cut, wash, clip nals, clean ears etc) is $45 for Lola's size.

    teeth brushing is additional 10.


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