Just Went Down Memory Lane

I was just looking through my archive of photographs because I am looking for some holiday pics for a post I am working on.

And although my archive only dates back to 3 years ago (because my bro wiped out my back up disk of photos by accident 3 years ago!).... looking through 3 years of pics really brought me down memory lane.

I'd just like to share random ones with you here... (in very random order.. not chronological... but I won't include pictures taken this year, too recent).

This is me trying to do a cartwheel on one of the most beautiful, untouched and secluded beaches I have ever been to. Bunker Bay, near Margaret River.

This is my darling dog Lola. Fast asleep with Patrick the Starfish.... while I was probably busy writing all night.

My first time on Live TV last November. Was so nervous I might blurt out something wrong... and they abviously can't censor cos it's live! I don't like it. Don't like the stress of Live stuff.

Oh. Definitely one for the memory books. Meeting Kris Allen... thanks to Sony. He had just flown in to Sg, and was jetlagged.. poor thing. But he was still so sweet and friendly.

I still have loads of pictures from my photoshoot in Budapest last October. They were taken by Ervin Sperla, a friend of GB's.

This is me wearing my Earth Angel dress.. ClubCouture manufactured my dress design last year. This dress has long since sold out. But I am doing a new mini dress design this year.. so wait for it... wait for it... :)

My brother snapped this pic with his phone... feels like angels were smiling on me at that very moment. :D

Looks like I am happy. But my brother and I were actually lost at this point. Our first day in HK.

My 29th Birthday. The eve was spent with BFF Farizan at the F1 Rocks concert. So far, this has to be one of the best birthdays ever. (Plus, now that Farizan is married and has a baby ... I don't know when we can do stuff like this again). My last birthday (my 30th!), was spent in Malacca with my then BF, GB. But before I left, we had a dinner for a few of my closest friends at Villa Bali. But KNN, birthday girl got to wait for her guests who were all not on time! haha

This was the very first time I officially met a BF's parents. 2 plus years ago. I remember being so f*king nervous about it. Haha. Yes, I thought it smart at the time... to dress like a french mime.

Good thing about my current BF is that I met his parents already... while we were still just friends :)

Oh. Oxford Street... and Primark. How I miss you.

Holiday in Penang. This massage... (!!!) the next day I woke up and had bruises all over!
Charity dunking event.... Talking to Hock Chuan from OMY. I love Hock Chuan's work and his videos for OMY. This event was over 2 years ago... now, he's become a friend.I fell in like a 2 tonne cannon ball. So unglam. Haha. Oh. I was paid to endorse F-cup cookie 2 years-ish ago. This Japanese product was covetted back then... supposed to increase breast size. This pic was taken on day 1... then I tried it for a week, and NO DIFFERENCE! Instead, it made me feel ill. So I returned the money... PLUS i paid them back for the cookies, and told them I could not endorse this product. SEE! I won't endorse shitty cheaterbug stuff! This photograph reminds me that I cannot play tennis. I think I was laughing because I am trying to mask how truly embarrassed I am at my poor skills. This was also the last time I touched a tennis racket.

Ok. Thank you for sharing my little trip down memory lane :) Good night.


  1. Anonymous6:10 am

    Hey holly,

    Truly enjoyed this post. Did you have any video link to that blogtv thing you did? And that pic of you giggling while playing tennis was cute. lol. God knows everyone's got pictures of like that when they suck at something. :D

    All the best with your love life, and btw, I thought that the pic of you as a 'french mime' was great.


  2. Anonymous8:51 am

    Hj. Respect.

    I saw bloggers reviewing Fcup cookies. I bought it and wasted my money on very expensive, poor taste cookies. No change in bustline!

    I respect that didn't just take the money and endorse a brand you didn't believe in.

  3. CeLestinA9:14 am

    Looking at these photos kinda make me miss all your previous posts & photos when i first follow yr blog [year 2008 i think : ) ]

    indeed such beautiful memories u have had. there are infact more HJ. I could slowly recall all : )

    Continue writing becos u hv a faithful follower or followers : )

  4. girl with no F cup cookies10:22 am

    Maybe the Fcup cookies were meant to make you fat, so that your breasts would become bigger! hehe!

  5. I like keeping videos and photos memories but i never seem to know when to take them hehe

  6. I agree with anon 8:15. much respect for you holly! :) Thank you for being a responsible blogger! :)


  7. Anonymous7:49 pm

    share more photo please!

  8. Anonymous8:22 pm

    this was a great post!
    and you look really adorable giggling in that pic hahahaha!

    btw, your boobs looked way bigger in that F cookies pic! :D

  9. @anon6.10- shld be in my archives somewhere.. but the web recording was poorly done.

    @8.51- thanks :)

    @Celestina- Awww.. thnx girl

    @girl with no F cup cookies - haha.. tht wld make sense! Though scientifically, its suppsed to be some plant derived hormone/estrogen tht's one of the key ingredient in the cookie.

    @kuen- don't care abt the perfect time. Just snap and snap and snap. Then later on u can filter and keep the ones u like.

    @shu- thanks

    @anon7.49 - will do so.. but aybe not yet.

    @anon8.22 - Tht pic was abt 2 years plus ago. possibly when i was at my "fattest" (about 48 or 49kg).... I think they shrunk a bit early last year when i lost 4 to 5 kg suddenly. Now.. am back to normal again though.. weight is 47 - 48kg ish.

    Also I think they looked big cos of my tube top ( DAMN! I threw tht top away already i think!)... and camera angle.

    But Def it wasnt the cookie lah. cos tht cookie I was eating in tht photo was the very first one. :)


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