How I Met My BF, Season 2

If you haven't read the previous post, Click Here to read it first, before reading this one.

So after season 1, I dated other men. But even though I had told him that I did not want to remain in contact, I still periodically checked out his FB page. But what I came to realise was that there was really nothing going on. There were no recent party pics or anything mad crazy. In fact I came to realise that he lived a pretty private (and sane) life.

In the few months between seasons 1 and 2, I dated one guy who was never married but turned out to have a kid, another one who didn't tell me but I found out her was still married (and had a baby but turned out it wasn't his!)... a few players.... a few pricks.

And it got me thinking, maybe I was way too quick to judge my BF in Season 1.

So I sent him an SMS out of the blue one day, asking how he was doing.

He replied- "Who is this???"

One thing I like about my BF, he doesn't hang on like a desperate puppy. I said I didn't want to remain in contact, and that's exactly what he did. Erased my number.

Thankfully though, he was willing to meet up. I think it was because he was interested in meeting this girl who has shown herself to be a complete fruitcake...

We planned to meet at the outdoor cafe at the Mariott on Sunday morning, for a coffee/juice. From our long chatty phone conversations, I already knew that he prefered coffee dates rather than dinner dates in case it doesn't go well.. coffee dates are much shorter.

So we sat there, at the cafe over a couple of juices and chatted. Afterwhich, it was time to leave because... realistically you cannot spend more than 2 hours drinking juice at a cafe!

To my delight, he suggested we take a walk down Orchard Road instead of parting ways. I was squeeling (somewhat like a pig) inside. I liked him a lot. I didn't really want to say goodbye yet.

So we strolled down Orchard Road and ended up at Orchard Central. We went into my favourite Spinelli's there. Had another drink. Chatted some more.

And he suggested we eat something. Duck. We have similar taste in food. Duck. Foie gras. lamb. yum.

So we went to the Tung Luk (however you spell it) restaurant on the top floor of the building and shared half a peking duck. I remember reminding myself not too eat too greedily ( I don't know why... but I always look greedy around duck).

After that, the date still did not end.

We ended up back at his place, on the sofa..... watching Graham Norton. Anyone looking at us at that moment would never have guessed it was a first date. We were so comfortable with each other, we just got on.

Then at about 6pm, I had to leave for a family barbecue. And that was the promising start to season 2.

We dated for about 2 weeks. Quite intensively actually... even went hiking together. But what I liked about him was... even though we were getting very close (emotionally) to each other, he never made a pass at me (meaning he never tried to lure me into bed or anything like that).

You know how they say- if a man really likes you, he will wait, he won't try to sleep with you so soon? I think it's true.

Unfortunately, season 2 ended abruptly.

He flew back to Hong Kong for a short while. I even went with him to the airport and hugged him goodbye.

Then I started talking to Mark (always had been, at that point in my life). And I'm not blaming him for any of this. I am responsible for all my own decisions. But when I talked to Mark, he put things in my head... about what a wild place Hong Kong (LKF) can be... and that there's a place called Swallows (something like that... I can't remember exactly what he told me.. this was 1 year ago)... and it's wild/dodgy. And then I thought to myself.. do I really want to start something with someone who is going to be away from Singapore every couple of weeks.

I must really be nuts. Because when my BF rang from Hong Kong, (btw, we were not a couple yet at this point), it was day 1 in HK, and he rang, and I remember him saying that he had just gotten off the bus.

He asked me what was wrong because he detected something was amiss in my voice. And I told him I could not see him anymore. But this time, after I put down the phone, I cried. I liked him, but somehow I talked myself into thinking my actions were for the best.

That was the end of season 2.

Season 3 started in December last year. He had Smsed me out of the blue when I was in the midst of making a very difficult decision about GB.

We met up for coffee. And instead of talking me out of my relationship with GB, which is what most guys would have done. ( And have tried to do!) He talked me into not just giving up, and try to make things work. I walked away from that meeting with a new found respect for him and his sense of integrity.

And I did. I truly did. But as you know, some odds make the battle just not worth fighting for. In early January, I gave up. If you didn't read about the split up, it's Here.

Then sometime in February... Season 3 started. And that's the story of How I Met my BF.


Kuen said…
It's funny how some people would tell him go fight for what he wants and here you mentioned you respect him for not doing that. I guess it's a make or break thing haha.
~Zhenna~ said…
Mmmm there's a saying "What's meant to be yours, will eventually be yours.."

*Blissful* :))
Dee said…
Its Tim?
Shu. said…
Looking forward to your next post already. Romance is so precious innit. :)

Anonymous said…
nice story you have there.. cant wait for the third.. and probably a picture of you and bf.. i guess you two must be looking good together! Happy for you.. BTW, have you tired any slimming pills before? any recommendations? I'm was looking around.. there are herbs pills and chemicals ones..
Anonymous said…
So this bf travel to HK frequently? My bf travel to HK too.. I'm quite skeptical about it, in fact i'm scared. I cried everytime he flew to HK
Anonymous said…
I can't help but say this. You seem to introduce a lot of unnecessary drama into your life.

it's not a judgement, just an observation :p
Anonymous said…
Nothing against u Holly... But u seem a tad too judgmental. Judging him from his fb profile pics even before meeting him? And assuming he was gonna play around in hk just because of some dodgy places u heard about... ? U might be (or have been, since ur attached now) cutting off potential genuine good men in the process! ur lucky that u got a chance to reconnect with him for the 3rd time... So cherish it and dont let your wild imagination or hasty assumptions get to u too much. Good luck!
Holly Jean said…
@Dee- no not Tim. but good memory u have!

@anon4.15- never tried slimming pills. but I think doctors can prescribe like either fat blockers or some appetite suppresent...?? better those, than some dodgy pills you get off the internet I think. safer.

@anon4.19- now not frequently anymore. but yeah it does make u miss him when he leaves doesn't it. :(
Anonymous said…
Holly, is it Skye??? :)
Anonymous said…
Is it G, the guy you dated back in 2009? :)

yii said…
he seems like a nice guy (: