The Fashion Included Classifieds


Fashion Included is an online Fashion Classifieds. It's a place for blogshops and individuals to list their products FREE for members to view and buy. It is just like an online shopping center with many fashion shops. In this case, the "fashion shops" are blogshops selling their new stock and individuals who want to sell their pre-loved clothes and accessories.

All of us buy clothes and stuff on impulse, or sometimes we just get tired of some stuff we have worn. This is a good place to clear your wardrobe and acquire new items too. They not only have Sale of clothes and accessories... but they also have a tab for "exchange", "rental" and "giveaway"!

Exchange is for when you would like to swap items with other sellers.

Rental is when you have an item which you don't want to sell off.. but wouldn't mind loaning it to someone for a while, in exchange for money.

And there's even a Giveaway tab where you can offer stuff you no longer want. It's a good idea to check this tab every now and then... who knows... you might see something you like and get it for free!

Here are a few Sales listings which caught my eye so far...

Men's Cuff links at $14.90 each. At Fashion included, it's not just women's clothes. You can get bags, shoes, wallets... not just stuff for women, but for men, children and babies too!
This Korea Baby Duckling Jacket is only $16 ! SO unbelievably adorable.. yet the price is cheap for a jacket!

Someone is selling these grey Mphosis Harem Pants for only $15. If it's pre-loved items, you have to be fast to grab them.
This brand new White coat with black trims is only $22.90. Whether an item is pre-loved or brand new and instock, it will be stated in the item's description.Oh... so delicate looking. This Princess Tube Gown Dress looks so expensive but you can buy here for just $18. I like this one a lot.

Go check out all the stuff that's listed for sale! Some of the best blogshops do post their fashion apparels on this site. If you own a blogshop, do not miss this opportunity to market your stuff to a wider audience.

Be a member and start Posting your items now!

For members, you enjoy FREE Registration and Totally FREE Posting with NO transaction fees!

Of if you have nothing you want to sell right now, you can shop instead..

Sign up as a shopper for FREE too! Their categories are very detailed. If you are looking for a Japanese dress, you can go to the search category and choose "Women: Dresses - Japanese" and you get all the related results.

I really love that this is a Free Classifieds, a one stop place where all kinds of sellers ( pre loved sellers, blogshop owners, every one) can list their products on sale. And buyers can search and browse stuff easiliy. It doesn't charge people for selling or for buying through their site. I hope to see it grow, so more stuff will be available, and things listed will sell faster too! ( I am reminded of how much I miss the old Yahoo Auctions).

Go check out :)

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