What Am I Up To Right Now?

I'm cleaning out my room. Most of my room has changed over the years, but there's this one corner, full of my childhood teddy bears ...including my newest edition (yes, not addition) Teddy Ruxpin (I bought when I was 20!). My wardrobe is expanding and I desperately need space. So, today, I got rid of all the bears. Yes all. I didn't even keep one of them. (They will go to charityshops/salvation army).
And now I use the space for my heels and small bags.
I still have more bag and shoe sorting to do today.
And tomorrow.. hopefully I will get down to sorting my wardrobe. There's no more rail space and clothes have begun to stack up. Ideally could use one more rail, but there's no space in the room to place another one. I already have 4 IKEA rails now.

Ok, back to work!

(p/s- I know many of you are interested to know more about my BF. I am not ignoring you. But I need to keep this bit private for a while. And besides, you already know he's from my past... so maybe you've already heard and seen much of him!)




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  1. Anonymous1:17 pm

    aw holly won't you miss your teddy bears? I always feel sad throwing away my old toys. but the more you think about it..the more you will hesitate! so i like to clear out memorabilia fast too, so its gone before i can regret it :p

  2. You have totally inspired me to donate my teddies to salvation army too! :)

  3. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Why don't you do a room tour? Love those, especially the wardrobe bit.

  4. Do a panorama 360 shot of your room :D

  5. Anonymous1:02 am

    have you thought of selling the clothes that you are not wearing / do not want anymore?

    i love many many many of your clothes!

  6. yeah but I can't really make it to any flea mkt ( must book in advance etc etc).

    And I don't have a venue to hold my own garage sale.

    take pics indiviudally and sell online is a bit too tedious

  7. Can we guess who your bf is??? My guess is............. SKY!!!!!!!! What say u holly??

  8. Ooh! Do a flea! I love your style and if you want to do a flea. Check *scape they have like fleas every weekend. But the organizers differ from week to week tho.


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