Singapore Turf Club, Fashion At The Races

On April fools day (last Friday), my BF and I took a nice drive to the Singapore Turf Club at Kranji. We were invited to the Singapore 3y/o Sprint at the Singapore Turf Club... which coincided with one9ninety's Fashion at the Races event.I put together this outfit with some of my favourite pieces from ClubCouture. (by the way, people keep emailing me asking for the 15% ClubCouture discount code, it's HOLLY2011, go write it down somewhere!).I made my head piece by gluing feathers to my gemstone bib necklace which was from ClubCouture's accessories! *smug*It was nice to see familiar faces like Karen and Smith at the Fashion at the Races event too.I was having a happy betting good time...

At least I don't have to pay a $100 levy to gamble here. The lowest bet is $5. Don't worry if you have no clue how to place bets, the staff are very helpful!Before you start asking- I'll tell you that I didn't lose or make millions lah. I am a conservative gambler.But it's so exciting watching the race, and cheering your horse on. I placed my bets based on the names of the horses I liked (lol)... there were horses with cool names like Switchblade, Tempest, Risky Business, Just Dashing, Doraemon!Before you place your bets, you can check your horse out in the parade ring. It's such a great atmosphere. Wow.. jockeys are so tiny! (That's not a kid!) What a fun job it must be to race horses for a living.

Do check out the Races one day. The Singapore Turf Club is accessible by MRT if you don't drive. The Turf Club's FB page is here. The schedule of upcoming races is HERE.


Meanwhile, I have 30 passes to ZOUK to give away to my readers. (Singapore only)

I'm giving them away to 2 readers (so that's 15 passes for each reader). You can use them anytime from now until 31st May 2011. Have a massive blast with all your friends, for free!

To take part in this giveaway, Just go to my FB page photo (click here) and tell me what you would name your (imaginary) race horse. Can be a cool name, silly name, pretty name.. whatever! I started the first comment as an example.

On 10th April, I will pick my 2 winners.

Oh, be my FB friend if you're not one yet!


  1. That's a really different experience :) Of course the staff are helpful, ya "paying" their salary! Not to mention you look damm good!

  2. You looked gorgeous! Good job with the hair accessory! :)

  3. Holly Jean,

    Agree with Belly B, you are simply

    Great dress!


  4. Anonymous12:03 am

    sexyyyy HJ

  5. Nice outfit! Love the way how you dress yourself! =)

  6. You look gorgeous and classic! Reminds me of ladies during Audrey Hepburn era.

  7. Sherin4:23 am

    Hi Holly!

    You looked sooo nice! Hey! Show us yer new boyfriend already!

  8. Thanks for ur compliments... I haven't had a fun dress up evening in a long while.. so was very happy to get creative that night!


  9. CeLestinA8:55 am

    Hi HJ
    C'on, about time to share with yr readers yr new found love rite? : )

  10. Anonymous4:03 pm

    HI HJ,
    What size r u for clubcouture? Mine's 27 for the waist n 34bust. size 36 UK for jeans like zara/mango.
    do u think i can fit into a clubcouture bodycon dress size S?

    Thanks,Avocado girl

  11. U mean u buy size 27 for jeans right? Not tht ur waist is 27 inches. (??) Cos size 36 of european sizing (zara/mango) is smallish.

    Get size S. bodycon dresses stretch anyway.. and there's nothing more unattractive than a loose bodycon dress!!!!

  12. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Erm the gloves look a bit odd though...

  13. Anonymous11:52 pm

    I love love LOVE your contact lens!! Please try to remember where you got them and which brand and color they are! Would really love a pair~!

    You look so pretty in this post! =)

  14. Anonymous12:01 am

    how tall are you?

  15. I KNOWWWW!!! I love this pair to. Been using it more than a year now (probably 2!) And I can't get rid of them until I find the exact same kind.

    Been trying a few other greys and they all look harsh on me. :(

    The latest pair I got is from MillyWalker. The serial is xch-625 ( I don't know which ones she gave me... but they are grey. u can ask her). From the bottle, it looks same as mine!!! But i havent opened to use yet. *fingers crossed*

  16. without heels... 165cm

  17. Avocado girl11:27 am

    Yes size 27 for jeans.

    OK. Will get a S size dress. THANKS. :)


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