Pontian, Malaysia

Just wanna show you pictures of my weekend...On Friday night, my BF and I went to Dinner at this Brazilian place which is like a meat buffet... oooh yumsssss!

I wore one of the new dresses from the latest collection of ShopTan.sg . It's slightly stretchy and gives a real comforable fit. I love the cutting, and the cute button opening at the back. My handbag is a grey studded one from theblogshop.sg I can't remember the name of this place, but it's a Brazilian one on 6thAvenue. About $50 a person for all you can eat grilled meats (and got salads also...).

Then on Saturday we made our way to Pontian, Malaysia. All dressed up for the trip, in my pink animal print top and khaki high waist shorts from theblogshop.sg (got it from the city plaza outlet). I brought my new camera along for the trip too...

It's only about an hour's drive away from Singapore. I love the Tuas checkpoint... so clear and efficient. Then the minute you drive past the border, you're met with space...
Sometimes, Singapore can get a little claustrophobic for me... so I look forward to roadtrips across the border. By the way, we got pulled over for speeding on the highway (we were going as fast as other cars okay).... and the officer then hinted to us that we can avoid the 300 ringgit speeding ticket if we gave him 50 ringgit. Of couse we did. And now I know it's true what they say about SG cars getting pulled over... and corruption. This new wallet that I now use to hold my passport and travel documents/foreign currency is from Herwondrouslabel. They have new collections of ViVi mag's GWPs now.. go see!Pontian is a bit of a sleepy town. It's right by the sea so at night, loads of people come out to fish. I have no idea where everyone is during the day time! Even though it's a seaside town, don't expect nice beaches for you to laze on. It's mostly rocks, from which people fish.

I was expecting to get some beach activity in (like in desaru or phuket)... I even brought my pink Juicy beach bag to hold towels and stuff. This bag is also from HerWondrousLabel.

We stayed at the Hotel Pontian (142 ringgits a night) which is probably one of the better hotels there... at least we knew the car would be safe, as they had VIP (lol) parking for 6ringgit. Most of the other hotels were smaller and only had street side parking. Good luck to you if you own a new Singapore registered car.As you can see, the room is erm.. circa 1980s. But the staff were friendly, and our stay there, though very basic, was still pleasant. At least the room was bigger than the Cube hotel in KL!

We also drove to Kukup while we were there... it's 20 mins away. I'm still in limbo with my fringe.. I think I want to grow it out again (yet I keep chopping it!)... so am loving the usagi type hairbands for now. I got mine from MyHairQueen.

I hate Kukup. I suppose yeah you can get some cheap kelong seafood there... but as a town, it's crowded and filthy. My Bf even suggested we drive all the way up to Ipoh one day and do Malaysian homestays along the way. If the homes look like these... then no thanks, I will sleep in the car and piss in a bottle.

Ok, I exaggerate.

I won't piss in a bottle.It's Moo moo.

Aww... snack time. Heart shaped. Chicken Nuggets.

And then we see snack time for the chickens too, out of the garbage. Gross...

The weather is cool there. And the skies are lovely and vast.

We had seafood by the beach (in Pontian, not Kukup).

Lookie my $5 neon pink slippers from a market in Whampoa. My neon orange top is from Cotton On.

There's a Giant supermarket beside the hotel. I ate so many snacks that night. We stayed in and watched National Security. The reception was very poor.. so the whole time it looked like it was snowing. haha... But it doesn't matter, I was enjoying my snacks, and my cuddles.

We also went to the spa in the hotel. It was 40 ringgit for 1 hour foot massage (for me), and 80 ringgit for a foot scrub and rub (my Bf). Cheap. But the standard was so so. If you're there, try other spas ... I saw a few along the roadside.Then on Sunday, we headed home. I wore my white bunny print tank from theblogshop.sg . The sportsbra inside was only $5 at a Cotton On sale.. whooo!!

Nothing much to do there. There isn't a swimming pool either. But if you just want to drive out of Singapore, eat some cheap seafood....get a massage... then Pontian is not too bad a place... Much less crowded than JB... and only about an hour away.


  1. Nice relaxing trip. Hey, but how do you know that's real police flagging you guys down? What if it's one of those crooks wearing police uniform??

  2. real one lah.. its a whole roadblock set up

  3. Anonymous10:34 am

    u seemed like a fan of cotton on! are their sportsbra comfy? :)

  4. yes. but get the smallest size u can squeeze in to.

    The reason for this is tht the elastic in it gets looser quite quickly.

    So I bought an S size before, and after a few washes, it's not tight anymore, it's ok, still wearable, but not tht good for sports.

    Now I buy XS, so far so good. when it becomes a bit looser, it's still tight enough.

    I only but on sale stuff at cotton on though . damn cheap

  5. Anonymous2:43 pm

    u can actually hide all your 50dollars note somewhere as long as not in the purse and show it to the officer that you dun hv so much and just give RM20 will do for the speeding

  6. Haha but to rob people they might put that effort into a big production. Next time if i ever go for road trip must add this extra cost.

  7. Go to JB - more to eat! Thistle Hotel is fantastic - I've gone there many times! The gym and jacuzzi (fantastic) are nice.

    I'm going to Thistle Hotel over at Port Dickson - see if it's nice too (so far, reviews seem good!)

  8. Re: Brazilian all-you-can-eat meat, the best in the USA is a chain called Fogo de Chao. I don't think they have a restaurant in Singapore; the nearest one is probably Brazil Churrasco...

  9. @anon 2:43 - yah I know! But we were not prepared! When my BF opened his wallet, the damn policeman asked for $100 ringgit instead! Then my BF said- nevermind, just give him the speeding ticket. lol. Then the policeman changed his mind and went back down to 50 ringgit. asshole.

    Next time we will prepare smaller change and hide all our money.

    @Shantanu - YAH! that's the one. Brazil Churrasco :)

  10. Anonymous1:32 pm

    HEY,HOLLY! I Know you are so back with Mark! Saw u guys riiight!Gd choice!:)


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