Orgasmic Retail Therapy


Change is what keeps life interesting... At fashion is about being a chameleon. Don't get pigeon holed into one look. Be versatile, be daring, explore! Bring out the sexy in you with the Runched Mini Crossback Playsuit (SG$25). It's feminine and flowy yet, the back design is oh so sultry! The Mesh Cowl Front Dress (SG$25) is perfect for the office chameleon... with a blazer or cardigan, you'll look prim and proper because of the muted nude colour and structured cut of the dress.... but once it's time to party after office hours, just whip the jacket off to reveal the sexy body hugging dress with the cowl mesh neckline! Sometimes girls just want to be girls! The Sweet Strapless Mini-Tiered Dress (SG$23) is so sweet ... you'll taste like sugar! All girls look sweet and innocent in baby pink... look like the innocent flower... but be the serpent under it *wink*. Be that social butterfly in a Tiered Chiffon Dress (SG$25). It's flirty and fun. The fabric is a light and comfy chiffon in a bold shade of blue. This dress will get you noticed at any party!

[Dear readers, there's a temporary glitch on the website, so if you cannot view the first collection "Flirt with Summer" through their website, you can CLICK HERE to view it in their Facebook album].

You absolutely must check out their second collection "Poised Perfection" - it's inspired by the Black Swan!

OMG! So nice! Tutu skirts, flowy chiffon layers and slinky elegant dresses!


Begin your retail therapy and let the transformation take place! Check out the whole range of dresses at ShopTan.Sg .

New customers have to register first before placing their order either through SMS, Facebook, or Email. Registration is hassle free and makes ordering a lot easier.

Local postage is always free with any purchase. But as a welcome present, ShopTan.Sg is giving everyone Free Registered Post for your first purchase with them :)

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  1. Anonymous5:06 pm

    HI HJ,
    Just wondering hows the sulfate-free l'oreal shampoo that u just bought? i have oily scalp n dry ends. and my hair tends to get really oily if i dont wash it for 2 days max. will i suit this shampoo? as i noticed it is suited for dry hair. the packaging n the sulfate-free written on the shampoo looks rather intriguing :)

  2. I think it is a good shampoo. not drying at all.

    I love the conditioner as it smells nice and works very well.

    If u have oily hair... I think it might be too heavy? This is def for dry hair.

    They have it in a pink coloured range too for coloured hair. Maybe u can take a look at that one?

  3. Anonymous11:39 am

    But my hair is not coloured. I guess my hair is not suited to use this shampoo :(

    Thanks for your quick response HJ! Cheers :)


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